A little jaunt to Croatia and back !

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  1. Dear All,

    Firstly my apologies for never posting before, I'm not so good with all these interwebby things but I must thank you all for the informative and helpful posts that I have read over the last few years, so thank you all so very very much.
    In return please find this link to a very basic picture blog I did this summer when I took my 41 year old camper (owned by me for 23 years) all the way to Croatia. I visited so many wonderful places and met so many lovely people but the highlight really was driving and camping in the camper, it was truly magnificent, not one issue in over 3k miles and she ran like a dream all the way, we really don't know how lucky we are to own such fantastic vehicles and we are met with smiles everywhere we go.


    I do hope the blog is useful in places to some of you, I certainly found some lovely campsites and do please feel free to message me for any further information should I be able to help further.

    For life

    Best wishes

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  2. what fantastic pictures !
  3. Thank you Row, very kind of you to say.
  4. Absolutely fantastic trip by the looks and feel of it. Credit to you and your van.
  5. Cheers Carlot25, it was certainly a credit to the van, I packed so so many spares fearing the worst but none were needed ! BUT of course there is always the next time, I still get the cold sweats when I hear anyone mention Poitier in France and I will never forget the french word for clutch, embrayage !
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  6. Cool trip! Jealous!
  7. glad to hear you had a good trip....:thumbsup:

    some nice pics there too...:)
  8. Thanks Mark&Laura & art b, I was very lucky to have the time, not sure that will ever happen again, I hope everyone has had a great summer with their vans where ever they spent it, drove it, worked on it, showed it, broke down in it, improved it, restored it but hopefully camped in it. x
  9. Havent had the time to look at all the photos yet but the ones ive seen look fantastic. Would love to use my van this way but stuck with two or three weeks leave max duration and it isnt long enough. Tried to do long haul hols in the bus and as much as I like the journey there isnt enough time to spend where you want to be. Very tiring when your an old git too!
  10. Your blog is blocked at work, I have commented so I can find it easier when I get home later :thumbsup:
  11. Yes Dicky you are right it was all about having the time, fortunately it tied in with the camper being in good shape too, but if you ever do get the chance, grab it, you wont regret it, we are loved out there ! I'm getting on too but the camper keeps you young at heart !

    Robo, please don't get too excited ha ha, it will only disappoint !
  12. Fantastic, thanks so much for sharing and your bus is the twin of ours, lovely :D
  13. Thanks Mrs Majorhangover, yes I think I had noticed there was a twin on here, our Pastel Whites are nicely understated and help to reflect the heat in those long hot summers we always have cough cough !
    See you on the road sometime.
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  14. We (The Bananas) are planning a trip to Rimini and then round to Rijeka next Summer after our Australian adventure fell through. (inconsiderate Daughter coming home from Sydney)
    We were planning to go in our Italian Doka but I have a suspicion that may not be quite ready by then. ;) (@Paul Weeding )
    Nevertheless we WILL be going, probably in Ted The Cross Dresser so any hints and tips you have would be good.
    Brilliant pics and I'd say 'Gaffs' IMHO.
  15. whats a Doka?
  16. Hah ha Top Bananas I think you are right, Gaffs indeed ! My advice to you and I am jealous already just thinking about it, would be to devise routes out and back so as you pass through Luxembourg as the petrol is so much CHEAPER, the road into Luxembourg from Bastogne also has many safe places to "wild" camp. Check the petrol price website below before you go too, so you know which countries to fill up in or run into the red.
    If your route allows do try to find the time to stay in the two campsites in the links below, they were both fab, one in Lake Lucerne near Brunnen Switzerland the other was in St Wolfgang Austria, both allow easy access up to the mountains for some amazing views and walks.
    The other link below is for the Ok Mini Camps in Croatia, the ones I stayed in were all superb, well priced and just the right size, good locations too.

    Hope this helps, very very jealous !





    Oh and pack a heap o' spares but you know that !

    All the best

  17. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Brilliant road trip :thumbsup: by the way are you from Barnsley (Avatar) and did you get your name from Luna the whale, I still bawl my eyes out just thinking about that :(
  18. Ta WoodyLubber, no sadly I'm a Londoner (north not sarf tho as it's grim down there ) but I loved Kes and that image has always stayed with me, I still remain a little scarred from the dustbin scene, the camper was named by my niece but it suits me as one of my favourite bands are called Luna too, not that well known mind and now disbanded sadly.
  19. This:-

    Stands for DOppel KAbine, I believe.
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  20. Thanks for the education. 5 seats and a Marmite load of loadspace - can see the attraction for touring.

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