a few photos from Yorkshire

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  1. A few pics from our trip to Harewood and onto the Yorkshire Dales.

    'Daddy I've changed my mind about a pony'

    End of a tiring day at Harewood

    We went to the Ribblehead viaduct, and sneaked down the 'no access' track. well as close to sneaking as it gets in a bright blue and white late bay.

    Its massive!


    in the awning, cold, wet, bored and a bit grumpy. waiting for Joycee to have her driveshaft put back on.

    up near Malham Tarn. 1st gear on some of the hills, but she made it.
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    I loved the "peeking" picture by the Ribble viaduct. We were there this summer but the weather was so misty you could barely see the viaduct from the road.

    How's Joyce's driveshaft, hope she wasn't in too much pain.
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    amazing they can build that

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    Great pics adam ;D we sneaked down there as well under the viaduct
  7. Beautiful part of the world... but we live about 15 mins from there so am a bit biased!
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