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  1. Bill is going Scooby this Winter.
    After nearly two years of faffing around, the decision has been made and Scooby it is.
    'Cos he's a Doka, I can go twin turbo easily (no bulkhead in the way).
    So I've been on to Fellows and RJES who (obviously) claim their kit is best, so you guys out there who have bought and used it, I want your opinion.
    This is where we are so far..........I've located a Twin Turbo 275hp engine with 40k on the clock, loom and ECU come with but no flywheel/clutch so those will be needed.
    Using a Bears built 6-Rib box.
    So questions:-
    1. Use VW clutch or go for changing the g/box output shaft and using a Subaru clutch? (I have been informed that there IS a VW clutch that will take it but it'll be heavy, very heavy.)
    2. Loom mods, who's the best?
    3. New bellhousing or conversion plate?
    4. Rad type and location?
    5. Intercooler type and location.
    6. Should I change the brakes? (Honestly, they stop on a sixpence at the moment, tyre grip being the limiting factor)
    7. Exhaust, who makes the best?

    Anything else I should be thinking about?

    Any decent sources of (unbiased) information.

    Anyone else gone twin turbo?

    I've budgeted for £2k for major bits (not including engine and gearbox), bearing in mind I can (if I have to) weld, fabricate, etc and fitting of oil coolers, rads and wiring doesn't faze me at all and I do have a vast stock of 'ancilliary parts':- hoses, fasteners, etc.

    Your thoughts are (mainly) welcome.
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  2. You'll be needing a good supply of clean pants I should imagine.
  3. You've asked most of these questions before and had them answered. o_O

    1. Change the input shaft and go full scooby clutch, I think turbos also have hydraulic clutches.
    2.rjes is best for looms although I know another guy who does them, if you need him let me know.
    3. Rjes bell housing, if you go full scooby clutch you will need to change the bell housing anyway.
    4. As you know I've got all Rjes kit on mine which includes rad and fan. I know of people who have mounted rads in the treasure chest area in Dokas but if your not slamming it, underneath would probably be best plus you get the additional cooling whilst driving.
    5. Pass
    6. I think with a nutter twin turbo, front discs should be ungraded. I have standard bay brakes on a non turbo and would like a 944 Porsche upgrade, although this would greatly increase your budget.

    Intell sources worth perusing
    If you're on FB join Subaru hybrid club, mainly T25's but mostly home brew installs.
    Or http://www.vwkd.co.uk/bb/viewforum.php?f=12
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  4. I'd asked YOU!
    And whilst you may well be the expert on the inside of 5-Rib boxes, ;) I thought I'd seek the input of others @Baysearcher @baygeekster etc, you never know, some of it may even be useful. :D
  5. Have you got a servo?
  6. No servo is my next mod before I look at brake upgrade.

    The vwkd forum seems to have a bald troll on it.
  7. I've nothing against fellows or any other Subaru conversion that use adaptor plates and I've never driven a bus with them. I opted for the bell housing after canvassing the forums and the general consensus was bell housing was best.
    I wanted full scooby clutch in mine but unfortunately lack of comms on my part and j put in the VW scooby hybrid.
  8. For a turbo, I'd agree with the advice of bellhousing/scooby clutch. You will need to do a hydraulic clutch conversion, but I've seen those done before.

    Intercooler to be of any use at all will need to get a decent amount of cool air, but also not be at the end of miles of pipework. Maybe you could get a donor cut of a late bay intake vent and graft it in on the lower rear quarter?

    I have also heard good things about RJES and loom modification, you give it to them, they cut it down and you get it back with only what you need on it.

    Don't forget to get yourself a decent speed sensor too.
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    Would you stop talking about mods and hair loss please :rolleyes:
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I really rate Fellows but the guy I dealt with has gone. I didn't see eye to eye with the guy running it now (no one does) so probably will have anything else done elsewhere.
    Adaptor plate is cheaper but apparently not as good, although I don't see it'll be any different really.
    If you go twin turbo it'll be terrifying!
    With 275bhp I'd definitely be doing a Subarugears box as well.
  11. Yep Subarugears would be a good addition but maybe another 3k on your budget. You could sell that 6 ribs to put a dent in it.
  12. Update:-
    Still going big hp (250+) but with a single turbo, apparently (according to RJES) the twin turbo is too difficult to re-map/rewire and those that have done it successfully have had to spend a fortune on them to get it right, twice the money of a single turbo and a shed load of hassles, all electronics related. The TT picks up on a huge number of sensors which won't be there on a Bay. (Traction control, ABS, pitch and yaw, diff speeds, etc etc)
    Single turbo with modded turbo and ECU is apparently the way, especially as there will be no Cat or emissions to worry about and I won't have to move the turbo or reverse the inlet as there's acres of room in the Doka. All it needs are speed, temp, airflow and turbo pressures.
    I am returning the TT motor and am now looking for a equally nice Single Turbo one, again with low miles.
    Awaiting a pro-forma from RJES for the parts, getting quite excited.
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  13. I'd be thinking of a flipped passat box to mate it to.
    Cheap and tough with the option of 6 speed.
  14. Moons

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    Look at charge coolers over intercoolers, need less space and airflow.
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  15. I've heard a lot of talk about this but never yet met anyone who's actually done it, makes me think it isn't as easy as it sounds?
  16. A company called cable craft do the shifters that work with the cable operated boxes. T25s have this mod a lot to work with pre pd tdi engines.
  17. You also need to remove the thickness of the adaptor plate ,
    from the gearbox..around 15mm I believe
  18. I think @easy-does-it has done this...
    ...and routed the end off his gearbox with an ordinary router and bits.
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  19. That was the best bit of shed engineering I've ever seen.

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