A day out in Coventry .

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    On Thursday Lou . Will and me had to meet my eldest son Neil at Coventry to view some student accommodation , we went early in the camper to make a day of it , we do not know it very well and expected very little , before we went i googled things to o in Coventry and the free transport museum seemed like a good place to head for .

    It was , we spent too long in there , we went on the thrust ssc simulator that cost £1.50 each and it was great , i highly recommend it , there was also the cathedral , air museum and loads more to see which i dare say we will over the next three years , i am looking forward to it :)


    Here's a few pics from the transport museum -

    Hillman easy drive ( auto )


    Swalllow xk1 ( early jag xk ) , Lou thought it looked like Cruela De villes car and wanted it ::)


    thrust 1




    thrust ssc


    Its not just cars


    on yer bike Will

    Wills fave - de lorean or the back to the future car.


    It really is a good day out its free apart from the thrust simulater which is well worth £1.50 , i wanna go in it again :)

    things to do in Coventry -


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