FOR SALE 79 westfalia Berlin delux

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  1. can't find it using that link, can you post details here?
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    Put the advert up here mate please.
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  3. Nice bus this , hope your well mike :thumbsup:
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  4. For Sale is my much loved VW Camper.

    2 litre type 4 engine

    Owned for 8 years personally, in family for 20. Garaged for 20 years. 5 owners (in family for past three). LHD - Ordered in this country as a LHD for european holidays. Not imported from what I have found out.

    Mechanically -

    Very sound. Reconditioned gear box, gear box linkage and new shifter (EMPI), new CV Joints 5 years ago (receipt available) New Carbs (solex), Engine Bay over haul 3 years ago (receipt available). Brakes, Wheel bearings carried recently. Tyres with plenty of tread (less than 10k miles covered) Powder coated Wheels. Currently showing 74825km on the clock. 1-2k miles covered annually

    Internally -

    Full original Berlin Delux interior. I have removed the original under rock n roll bed cover for propex and sound system but this is included in the sale. Propex Heat source Leisure circuit Loud Sound sytem for motor way driving! Original Westfalia table, mosquito net, hammock etc. 3 way Fridge was disconnected as smoked when tested 8 years ago but is still in van (but used as cool box now) Inertia seat belts to front 1 inertia (proper extender piece from heritage bought a month ago) and 1 lap belt to rear. Front seats refurbished including new covers last year. Swivel Seat to passenger side. New batteries for leisure and start up.

    Externally Very Clean - Havanna club signs are decals Rustmaster waxoyl underneath Both Arches and drivers door have had minor body work carried out on them. Gutters are in great shape. Structurally sound Roof has been re-painted in waterproof/swimming pool fibre glass paint and is very shiny. Stainless rear box

    MOT - 12 months as of 03/08/18

    Not so good bits. Mats/Carpets - don't buy cream mats! not that old but look a bit tired from camping use etc. There are 3 small bits of bubbling (20p size or less) which I have yet to attend to. Mainly because they have not grown or gotten worse in the 8 years of ownership and I have concentrated my funds on more pressing things They are on tail gate, on corner of passenger door and corner under windscreen.


    Contact me below for questions, pictures and viewings






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  6. Thanks Mick.
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  7. Sold
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