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  2. Thanks for sharing your journey
    I’ve enjoyed following the thread
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  3. Superb, the colour scheme makes the bus look fresh and bright! Big pat on the back :D
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  4. Rez


    I've recently moved house (again) so the van now has a nice new home.

    [​IMG]IMG_3248 by kevreadedj, on Flickr
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  5. That’s an awesome looking garage!

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  6. Merlin Cat

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    Excellent work, it looks great. Congratulations, on van completion and wedding :)
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  7. @Rez You might have said it already but where did you get those stripes for your can?
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    I had them about a year before they went on the van. I think they were an ebay purchase
  9. Rez


    So the van has had very little love since the wedding so today I drove it out of the garage and went at a few things.
    The drivers cab door handle broke so I swapped the passenger one over until I find an OEM second hand one.
    Some rust has started appearing due to the salty roads over christmas to I waxed the sills/seams.
    The wiring has never been great and it's something I'm reluctant to go at so today I asked a mate to pop over and go through it.

    There was a general electric tidy-up including:

    * New cigarette lighter installed (I want to be able to charge my phone)
    * Wiring re-ran for CB.
    * New wiring ran for rear lights and numberplate light which never worked
    * I had a voltage drop on he headlights so these are now working well.
    * Interior lights kept blowing since the resto so these are now fixed.

    [​IMG]IMG_3255 by kevreadedj, on Flickr
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  10. Rez


    I decided an engine refresh in time for the good weather was in order..... Im driving over to Volksworld in under 2 weeks so I want it reliable when I'm taking it out of the country.

    During the resto I kept the engine installed and running as I needed to drive the van outside on fine days. As a result it got destroyed with dust and overspray.
    The roof of my new garage is VERY low so I must have measured it about 4-5 times.
    I eventually got it under the bumper with about an inch to spare. The roof of the van was touching the rafters!

    [​IMG]IMG_3265 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    The engine was FILTHY.

    [​IMG]IMG_3266 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    but I ordered a load of goodies

    [​IMG]IMG_3339 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    I had an oil leak somewhere and traced it to the crank shaft oil seal so this was replaced

    [​IMG]IMG_3332 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    And as of this evening most of the other parts are back on after a top end rebuild.
    I'll try to get a pic over the next few nights but that brings me up to speed for now.
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  11. Have you checked the crankshaft endfloat?
  12. Rez


    Yea, the engine had a FULL rebuild a few years ago with a professional builder so I knew internally all was good.
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  13. Rez


    Ok, so engine is rebuilt and back in, purring nicely. :thumbsup:

    [​IMG]IMG_3354 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    While at it I changed my fuel lines.
    The old ones were only changed a few years ago.

    [​IMG]IMG_3353 by kevreadedj, on Flickr
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  14. Rez


    So after months of planning, myself, Eamon and Tommy made it to the Volksworld show in our VW's.
    None of us had been there before so we said if we were to go it HAD to be in our own cars.

    Myself and Eamon sailed out from Rosslare early Friday morning. Tommy went over the day before us so we met him en route with his prototype.

    [​IMG]IMG_3366 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_3368 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_3373 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    All went well until without warning my alternator shat itself spectacularly. I had heard a slight grumble from the bearing at the previous services but I've never seen one go so quick.
    The pulley seized instantly, dash lit up with warning lights and I was hit with the smell of a burning fanbelt as the crank pulley kept spinning.
    I was at the back of the convoy and by the time I pulled in and grabbed the phone the boys were half a mile away.
    2 hours later my rescue vehicle arrived. This is the first time any of my aircooled cars were on the back of one.

    [​IMG]IMG_3370 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    I asked him to bring me to the services the boys were waiting at, (Leigh Delemere in Chippenham) and I put up a post up here looking for parts suppliers in the area.
    I received loads of replies and pm's within an hour so we stayed there that night armed with numbers to ring the following morning.

    [​IMG]IMG_3371 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    The following morning we rang everyone but the only place who answered and had the part in stock was Euro Car Parts back in Bristol.
    Fair play to Eamon who spun back and picked up the last one in stock which we fitted and got on the road again.

    About 4pm on the Saturday afternoon we made it to Sandown Racecourse.
    It was a tough journey there and back with 594 miles covered but I'm glad we did it. To arrive to Volksworld in my bay was epic!

    (pic taken when most had left)
    [​IMG]IMG_3375 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_0121 by kevreadedj, on Flickr
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  15. Rez


    With the weather as nice as it's been I've been out in the van as much as possible.

    Last week I headed down to the 3rd Ostküste Luft show in Avoca, Co. Wicklow. This was my first time there but it was an amazing show and I'll be back.
    Its less than an hour and a half from me on some very scenic roads along the Mount Leinster Heritage Drive.

    Here was my little setup with Tommy.

    [​IMG]IMG_3534 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    Heading into work the following day was torture so I got the van out each evening as soon as I got home.
    [​IMG]IMG_3522 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    I dusted off my bike and headed off down the river.
    Between Bagenalstown and Leighlinbridge:
    [​IMG]IMG_3499 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_3496 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    Friday finally arrived and straight after work I hit the road and met Tommy in Waterford That mad Illegitimate child had lived in his van all week using a gym for showers each morning before work and hitting the coast again each night.
    Anyway the plan was to head along the Copper Coast Drive and find a wild camp spot as the sun went down. With very mild conditions we just paddled out on the boards and explored some of the caves before the tide came back in.

    [​IMG]IMG_3568 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    We met a couple in a T4 and sat around drinking at the top of a cliff as the sun disappeared behind. Right in front the moon began to rise from the horison. What this pic doesn't show is it was taken at the top of a cliff about 10ft from a sheer drop into the ocean. (Let's just say we didn't get too drunk!)

    [​IMG]IMG_3572 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_3570 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    My Mum bought this cooker new in 1977 but I "borrowed" it as soon as I was old enough to go camping alone. It's older than my van and it's served me very well over the years!
    [​IMG]IMG_3569 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    Finally for now, my side window with some of the shows I've attended.
    Nearly full.

    [​IMG]IMG_3561 by kevreadedj, on Flickr
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  16. Love the cooker :cool::thumbsup:
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  17. Rez


    I posted back in 2016 that I got this roof rack from a mate.
    It's a DIY rack made from electrical conduit.

    [​IMG]new roofrack front Feb 16 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    I couldn't open the roof hatch with it in place so I recently cut in in two.

    [​IMG]IMG_3635 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    I could then put a speaker on each rack at shows.
    This week I stripped it down and realised a few different woods were used.
    I sanded down all slats, rounded the ends and re-varnished the,. The bows were sprayed black before I re-assembled everything.
    I still have to do the front one but I think it make a difference. You'd never think it's the same wooden slats as above

    [​IMG]IMG_3639 by kevreadedj, on Flickr

    Finally, I recently got a mention in Irish Vintage Magazine.
    Always nice to see your car in print!

    [​IMG]IMG_3631 by kevreadedj, on Flickr
  18. Hey Rez, good to see you at Oustkust, Hillstart and a field in Wexford, I was hoping to get to jumpstart in the beetle but faith conspired against me:( as far as I'm concerned you're the only real person on here 'cause you're the only one I've met:p
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  19. Awesome adventures :D
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  20. Rez


    I'm not real.....It's all in your head
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