79 Devon Moonraker

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  1. After contemplating for a while now I have decided to sell my 1979 Bay Window Devon Moonraker campervan. It hasn’t been an easy decision, but I feel it’s come to a time where I am ready to take on a project of an earlier model.

    So, I have owned the van for two and half years, and before that it was owned by my Mums manager, who gave it a new spray job in 2007. This is a great van and I genuinely will be sad to see it go, but need to fund the project.

    Exterior – The outside is in great condition, as mentioned had new paint in 2007 and still looks great. There are a few small bubbles that have come up here and there, but being that it is 32 years old this is bound to happen, and they really are not that noticeable until you start to look for them. The underneath is completely solid with no rust and it also benefits from belly pans to keep most of it dry. As you will see in the pictures, I have some newly refurbished steel wheels sprayed white and put these on yesterday so will try and get an updated photo up shortly

    Interior – This is the part that sort of lets the van down a bit (well the cupboards that is), but is still very usable. Unfortunately when I bought the van the original interior was starting to rot so had to get rid. For the time being I had a carpenter friend cut me out an interior from exterior grade ply to use short term, until I could afford a new one. The ply was treated and painted, but it is obviously not as good as a professional one, but it does do the job. It also had some horrible seats when I bought it, so I bought some originals and put them back in. It has a 3/4 rock n roll bed with seatbelt points, new curtains made by my nan (So obviously they are awesome!)

    The floor has been completely redone with two layers of ply and insulation, then flooring on top. The flooring used is top quality from a shop fitter, so it is hard wearing and easy to clean. I have just put in new under seat mats, hooked up the CD player so that you can plug it in to a headphone jack on your MP3 player through the AUX and put in an isolation switch so that the stereo doesn’t drain the battery when parked up, as this kept happening to me!! It has speakers in the door cards and in the top of the back section. There is a cooker, sink and 12v/gas Electrolux fridge, but these need to be put in as not used them thinking I was going to get my new interior sorted. I used a camping gas cooker in the mean time and happy to include that as well. I have even got the heating working, which is not that common on bay windows and great for the colder days.

    I have the roof up whenever we go away and it doesn’t leak at all and the struts hold it up solidly. You can sleep two in the rock n roll and two up top in the roof. I will also include the awning if it is wanted. It’s a little dated in looks, but is in perfect condition and it has come in useful for a bit of extra room. It has two interior lights, one 12v and one 240v. There is a 240v hook up for campsites with plug sockets inside for any electrics which is very handy.

    Mechanics – This bus is truly a great example for something of its age. The engine is a recon, 1600 single carb aircooled, starts first time and runs perfectly. I had the carb rebuilt and cleaned and the engine serviced about 1000 miles ago with the points, dizzy, spark plugs, oil, fuel lines and fan belt all changed. The exhaust is a monza four tip and sounds lovely. It has also had the breaks changed from drum to disk with servo on the front, so response is great.

    The van has an empi quickshift gear leaver and I had the engine out to change all the bushes and linkage for the gear shaft, meaning that gear changing is not an issue as per many of the old buses. My mate couldn’t believe how much different it was compare to his own van. Whilst the engine was out I also had the fuel sender changed due to the fuel gauge not working. This did not sort the problem so I also changed the fuel gauge itself and the regulator. This has half sorted the problem as it works when you fill the tank up, but then it suddenly stops working again. The only thing left to check is the wiring to see if that will sort the issue, but for the time being I just fill up every 200 miles.

    This bus is a great example of the campervans out there and really will be sad to see it go. I have tried to explain the bus to the best I can and really feel that whoever buys it will be very happy. I have spent plenty of cash to make sure she runs perfectly and you will see this when driving it about. The only thing that needs doing is updating the interior and making it your own, other than that the bus is great.

    The tax runs out in November, and it is MOT’d until September, but I will put a new 12 months on before she switches hands.

    If you have any questions or would like to come see and inspect it then please contact me to arrange and will be more than happy to take you out for a spin. I am located in Andover, Hampshire. 07843 224383 or email rob@andoverrfc.com


    I am looking for £8000 or sensible offers and open to a p/x for a tin top or small pop top and preferably cross over.
  2. Deposit taken :-[
  3. After being messed around and let down by someone on fleabay my camper is now available again. Now has a MOT that runs until end of August 2012
  4. The asking price has now been reduced to £7000 as a sale is now becoming more urgent
  5. Now Sold

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