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  1. Hi all I brought my bay last Oct this is my first bay but Ive owned a 1303s bug .

    She needs a lot of work but found a guy local to me that's going the welding and going to be painting her .
    This is before I stated the work .
    Rear windows out and turned back into a panel Van rear
    Fixing all of the old bodge repairs

    I'll keep you all posted on the progress its at the welders workshop now so exciting times
    And I'll be changing the colour too !
    Pastel white roof and pastel green for the rest of the bay .
    Here is a pic of the early conversion IMG-20190511-WA0017.jpg
    Lower will repaired
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  2. Nice to see someone taking it back to how it was made.

    Looks good dudeeee

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  3. Merlin Cat

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    Nice :). Will you be using it as a panel van?
  4. No a camper the rear will be turning into a panel Van and the middle window I am using factory window cut and sliding door .
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  5. Colour reveal

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  6. Love the new colour! Good luck with the restoration!

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  7. Merlin Cat

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    That is a really lovely colour
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  8. IMG-20190509-WA0010.jpg
    IMG-20190514-WA0023.jpeg IMG-20190514-WA0025.jpeg early vents
    Slowly getting there.
  9. IMG_20191115_130559_290.jpg

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  10. Here's an update on #"SWAMPY " bay getting very close to finishing now
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  12. Nice colour choice is it velvet green?
  13. Hi its pastel green l11
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  14. IMG-20191218-WA0017.jpg IMG-20191220-WA0024.jpg
    Bumpers in pastel white IMG-20191219-WA0014.jpg

    My camper is in primer now not long until its painted .
  15. Rear windows out and turned back into a panel Van rear
    View attachment 73742
    View attachment 73743

    Can you pm me briefly how you went back to panel van sides on the rear.. I've got the same ahead of me and could use any hints/tips

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  16. hi all there is my bay finished its been a long 18mth resto but here is the results love it so much ❤
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  17. Wow! Stunning. Out of interest what do you estimate the total cost was?
  18. Nobody mentioned it maybe I missed something... this is really a 79 Bay or a 69? (was that a typo?)
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    It’s a 79 that’s been converted to look like a 69.

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