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    A frind of mine has dcided to sell his campr project, its a 79 poptop camper. He has completed pretty much all of the repairs with the body being in primer and original paint. Thre is a refurbished camper interior with chrysler sats etc.. Overall the camper looks pretty solid but I cant say for definate as I havent looked over it in great detail.

    The good bit, depending on how you look at it is that the van is fitted with a 3500cc rover V8 mated to the VW transaxle , you wouldnt know it was there as there are no body mods to the rear to give the game away. cooling is via twin rads fitted in the area of the battery trays and stocj air inlets have den added to the lower section of the rear quarters to facilitate air flow to the rads ....

    asking price is in the region of £5500

    If your interested post here and I can hook you up.. Van is in Dundee, Scotland and would hav to be collected..

    cheers for now..

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