78 champagne II (((((SOLD))))))

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by radconsmoot, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. you got pm :)
  2. Pm back at ya
    I think if not speak when sober lol
  4. [​IMG]
    .......and my fancy new kick panel ;)
  5. Price reduced to $5k
  6. I'll take $4500 if i can keep the wheels/tires for my other champagne ;D
  7. we're not allowed to drive vehicles over here without wheels and tyres. You Americans do do some funny things...

  8. Lol
    Come on some one buy this bus
    I was going to but just can't squeeze it in anywhere and I have tried
  11. Hey, I've got a CEII and I love the colour, stands out against all the magnolia and jaffa ones!
  13. Ok, i've just found another van that i can't pass up. If i can tempt anyone at $4500 ono, i would be delighted!
  14. Hey Con
    Thanks for the message. I wish I could take it off you even for reduced price. I just brought a 75 Helsinki so out of funds at present.
    I think the colour is way cool. Guess the main problem is people still want something they can camp in though it would be going agaisnt the grain to modify this into a camper.
    Really hope you sell it mate and don't end up giving it away at a silly price
    May the force be with you
  15. I can throw in set of louvered windows & some camper stuff. I happen to have a closet & z-bed out of a 73 westy. Champagne camper :thinking:
  16. $4000 & this beauty is yours! Hate to do it, but i need to thin the herd before they multiply on me again.
  17. Fab video, Love it dude
    Good Luck. ;)
  18. Update:

    My van was having some trouble starting up while cold. I noticed a hissing from #1 cyl.
    I pulled the manifold & found this..... [​IMG]
    A piece of debris was pinched under the gasket (which cracked the plastic block)
    Anyhow, i got her all put back together. She runs much better, & starts right up now.
  19. Made the trip over to Woodburn, OR for a vw show/swap meet. 400 mile round trip & the CE2 didn't skip a beet. The weather was awesome!

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