'78 Bay Window Pop Top £5,250

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  1. Selling my RHD '78 Bay project, Seabed, to fund a restoration on my early.

    I'll do the gritty stuff first - It was last on the road in 2014, it's just been professionally welded and is now solid! It runs, drives and stops.

    It needs the brakes sorting (hand brake adjusting etc), rubbers - ball joints etc, and clutch and accelerator cables to finish for the MOT... A weekends work for a diy'er! The engine requires tuning.


    The Look:

    -Bare metalled, yacht varnished (flaking and requires re-doing) = current look. I was going to lightly sand it back and carnauba wax it, to the desired, satin, finish. Lowered, prototype large domes and steels.

    The Engine:

    -It is running a 1600 with a mega twin carb set up, has had new sparks, dizzy and new sliding door lower arm. It does require tuning.

    -It has had a new exhaust, with a Fatboy box.

    The Body:

    -Doors could do with replacing, but it is a rat queen, so I'd personally leave it like that.

    -The rear O/S arch needs a very small repair due to a dent and there is a tiny hole under the screen. All as pictured.

    -You can see it is straight and doesn't need any bodywork other than the, minuscule, above.

    -The Cab floor and Load floor have both been welded and are not rot free.

    -Pop top: It is on old style hinges, which I would personally replace with hydraulic ones. It has a couple of minor holes, nothing major - I was going to do a patchwork quilt style!

    The Interior:

    -It is bare inside, other than the two old school bucket seats in the cab.

    The BEST thing about this bus is that you can see everything! It's not got 2'' of filler hiding behind a lovely paint job, it is a bare metalled late Bay Window VW camper van. It's just waiting to have everyone's eyes follow it round every bend and up promenade.

    I wouldn't put this past paint, either, a soda blast and it will be ready for a layer or 5!

    To sum up, a rustic interior and very little work, you could own an MOT'd Bay for under 6k!

    I love this bus, but I need the cash to fund the prototype restoration. I have been as honest as possible and mentioned all of it's flaws.

    I am happy to answer any questions you may have, via text, eBay message or telephone (if I don't answer, send me a text stating your name, what it's regarding and I will get back to you asap.)


    Viewing welcome in East Sussex.











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