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    Right, here we go - unfortunately with too many projects, the council compulsory purchasing the bottom of our garden for a cycle path, and a real struggle with my health right now, it's time for a clear up.

    Anyway, it's a 2litre with correct 6 rib 'box - both are out of the bus at the moment and stored in the dry as we temporarily used the gearbox in one of the hire van's whilst another was sourced and it ran very well.

    Its a '77: unregistered in this country at the mo, but all the paperwork is in order to register when you're ready.
    rps20200625_113246_465.jpg rps20200625_113334_547.jpg rps20200625_113246_465.jpg rps20200625_113334_547.jpg
    I bought this bus from South Africa a few years back with the intention of having it join our hire bus fleet (which we have since disbanded). The previous owner had it stored in his garage for 20years making it genuinely low milage - he decided to get it back on the road by overhauling the engine (apparently it drove to the port in Port Elizabeth, but I thought it felt a little tight and was going to strip it down, check it over, and reassemble). Ironically he spent a fortune obtaining parts for the rebuild from the uk.
    When recommisioning the van he took the OG paint on parts of the roof and elsewhere back to bare metal and repainted with rattle cans... which is where the main issue lies.
    It's been sat under a cover for the last couple of years and moisture has got under plop job he did, resulting in a brown oxide bloom. As it stands, the rust is mostly superficial- there are a couple of spots under the window seals where water has been trapped in the past that will need attention... unfortunately our climate isnt helping them any..

    As far as I can see the only welding it has ever had is to the bottom of the ns b-pillar - you would want to do a quick repair to the closing panel behind the arch along with this. All the gaps are as they left the factory; underneath is solid.

    Realistically it will be another couple of years before I get around to this project in which time it would have undoubtedly deteriorated further... and that would be a crying shame. Apart from the one bit of welding that has been done in the past, this is a very straight, unmolested project, much easier and straightforward than repairing decades of welded over crust and poor fitting panels.

    It has later hinges on the cab doors; both doors are in a good state, as is the sliding door.

    I was looking forward to this as, not having bulkhead from the factory, it would allow swivel seats in the front when you tackle any future interior conversion.

    Anyway, an overall honest bus that needs some love, but not major structural work. It's a shame to see it sit there, so I'm prepared to let it slip away.

    Asking what it stands me in at which is £5750... for a project that doesnt need the bottom six inches all around, hasn't been massacred in the past, has a 2ltr engine and box, and good doors all around I think that sounds fair.

    If you want any more pics, let me know.
    Any questions, fire away, or give me a bell on: 07796887537

    Located near Perranporth in Cornwall.

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    More pics

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