'76 Westy Berlin project and 2 tintop buses

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  1. Got a container in last week, which included...

    A 76 Westy Berlin in Marino Yellow... been sitting (in Arizona) for a long time. A pretty decent thing overall and a fairly easy restoration project. Main issue is that both outer sills have rotted, though pretty much everything else is solid as a rock. She has some bumps and bruises but certainly by no means terrible, and her paint is original. Still has the 2.0 pancake motor (which turns, and has clean oil), but at some point someone has pilfered the ECU and airflow meter - would make her a good candidate for a single Weber. The interior isn't pretty, though I've certainly seen worse. A pretty cheap entry into Berlin territory at £4900 Banty is starting work on our
    '77 Sage Green Westy, which will look a million dollars after he's done with painting it.. if this one is still there when he's finished, we'll restore it too, but in the meantime it's up for grabs at the price stated.

    A 73 Tintop microbus, also from Arizona. Rock-solid this one, and straight apart from the dented cab door. Bottom colour was originally jaffa, not magnolia. No motor to speak of, and the seats are shot. Banty is rebuilding a 1700 Pancake to go in it, and we should also have a half-decent set of seats to go with it. If these plans come to fruition it'll be up for £6500.

    A 72 Deluxe Microbus, from New Mexico. This one was acquired from its second owner, who bought it in 1976. Runs as sweet as a nut, and is going for its MOT shortly. No back seats so would be ideal as a tintop camper, or put back to standard. £6750
    for this one.

    I have loads more pics.. will post a few after I've resized them. In the meantime just shoot me a pm if you want to see more. These three thumbnails should be clickable.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] www.vwcampersuk.com

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