FOR SALE 76 tin top needs a new home

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  1. So time has come to sell my baby blue bus....
    1976 tin top with character. Rolling on fuches with white wall tyres....
    1641 with duel Kadron carbs & vintage speed exhaust. Not let me down, starts on the button
    Non walk through so has the drivers & 2/3 passenger seat.
    New Rusty Lees bed & new cushion & covers.....
    Have got lowering spindles for front & adjustable torsion bars to be fitted just never got round to doing....
    DAB radio, leisure battery, split charge relay, honest little cooker & kitchen cupboard. Buddy seat (housing 2 gas bottles) will supply the fridge unit that can be removed.
    Any questions please ask.
    Looking in region of £15k as has a lot of work & time spent on it....
    Selling as new project on go & getting used less & less each year.
    Time for someone else to enjoy it!


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  2. good luck with your sale, looks a nice bus. I tried to sell mine in September /Oct (£15.000) but had a lot of time wasters, some just seemed to fancy a ride in one, two were too large to even get in the van and squeeze behind the wheel! One just messed me around then wanted to knock a lot more money off our agreed price. Also had a lot of overseas interest, Germany and Sweden but had problems with their bank transfers of monies! One potential spent 2 hours going over it and a test drive but said the small split of 2 inches on the blind side of Berlin sink unit was too bad, and the 3 pin head bubbles on passenger door was awful but would think about it. He texted me back later and said he was going ahead with one from Cool Kampers that was twice the price I was asking!!!. Have decided to leave selling until spring, the best sites for 'hits' was carandclassic and Just kampers and they are both free.
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  3. Cheers mate appreciate the feed back... I’ll give both a look. Just a shame as I’ve used it 3 times a year & the rest of the time sits in a workshop.... just needs to find a home for it & just get on my the Ghia I’m restoring....
    You never know your luck, but someone would love this.... just a shame I’m not in love with it anymore

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  4. Same reasons as us to sell....good luck just needs one person with a good home to offer.
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  5. Merlin Cat

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    Looks v nice. Tin tops are fab. Good luck with the sale.
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  6. Lovely looking bus. Another vote here for Car and Classic. Glws :thumbsup:
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