FOR SALE '76 Double Slider Rat - Pregnancy Forces Sale *TuT*

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  1. Well folks, it breaks my heart to be writing this, but Santa wasn't the only one with a bag full of surprises in December it would seem, and we're now expecting our first child later this year. Practicality dictates that the bay isn't really going to see much use once we have a newborn to add to the clan so its with a lot of regret that its up for sale.
    Its a '76 original twin slider panel van with a microbus O/S slider fitted to allow a little light. The outside is Neptune Blue patina paint with a white roof......really straight sides and solid underneath. Surface rust only where there is any. Lowered just enough to look good....not so much that its a terrible drive. 1676cc T1 big valve engine with twin 40 webers......goes pretty well and I've covered almost 3k in it without a single breakdown since I bought it....its stupidly reliable for an air-cooled lol. Massive list of extra's and work that I've done in the 6 months I've owned it, including a brand new bespoke camper interior with SMEV double burner sink and electronic tap, carpeted panelling, seagrass roof with LED lights, overhead locker and bed, one off surfboard island table, eberspacher, bambus shelf, lowlight indicator conversion, early spec style bumpers and overriders, bugpack exhaust, BRM's with almost new tyres.....the list goes on and on.
    It'll come with a few extra's worth having, such as a spare RHD microbus slider (which are like hens teeth and about £500 to buy if you can find one! Needs the bottom welded but panels included for this.) 3 spare jalousie windows, front kids hammock, set of blackout blinds, spare exhaust, 3 bow westie roofrack and a huge awning, plus any other odds and ends I have for it.
    A couple of people that have seen the bus from here have really fallen in love with the look and stance of it, so i'm sure they'll vouch for what a genuine example it is......its a beaut!
    Pics to follow (I need to take some recent ones that show it as it stands now) but its basically ready for summer.......looking for £11,500 ovno
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  2. I'm after a jalouise if they are going separate thanks!
  3. It's sad to see you need to get rid but we take our kids everywhere and they love the van and being outside.

    Having kids doesn't mean your life is over... Keep the van - kids love it.
  4. Ah, but you have a pop top ;)

    The tintop was ok when it was just me and my OH, but with her 2 year old and a newborn plus all the s**t we'd have to carry for them both it'll be a squeeze I think. I can't justify keeping it for the very occasional run out and if I leave it parked up its gonna rot eventually :( its far too straight a bus for that, and I could put the money it owes me to better use. Adulthood is a ballbag! lol
  5. Get a poptop fitted :)

    We also use a trailer for the sh*t - never use to but wifey was crammed in back
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  6. Hello Luis gutted to hear your van will be going!!
  7. Congratulations on your soon-to-be new arrival Luis....I hope you're both really pleased, even it it did come as a surprise...if it's a question of selling your bus for funds, you've probably made the right decision, but if you're worried that it won't be practical, I think a T2 wouldn't be at all bad for a young couple with a new born...
    Best of luck whatever you decide to do...I've followed your resto, and it looks like you've done a great job....:thumbsup:
  8. My son is 11onmths old now I used it once with him and the misses and that was dat visit to Bristol volksfest :(
  9. What bigger car with loads more practical room do you plan to replace it with?
  10. Two cars... A practical 4 door or estate for the mrs and something with rear seats for me to replace my SLK that's also up for sale lol and she told me having a baby wouldn't change as much as I though it would.... *tut*
  11. The SLK is yours?!?
  12. Yep, but it's got the AMG kit and it's the proper 230 Kompressor so it's ALMOST manly lol
  13. You keep telling yourself that, sounds like you'll do a good job of convincing the hairdresser you sell it to too

  14. Got any pics?
  15. Hahaha yeah I saw that one coming....

    It's a nice, quick, agile car to be fair but I can't put a baby in the glovebox (I rang the NSPCC to check lol)
  16. Hundreds.... Holiday snaps, selfies .... You're gonna have to be more specific :p loooool
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    Just some pics of the outside of the van will do for starters.
  18. i saw this on ebay last night, looks very cool mate, but im being biased as i too have a UK RHD twin slider panel van in neptune blue! im just getting mine back from the restorers after nearly a year of resto work to the underside and some panel replacement.
    good luck with your sale mate, worth every penny in my book :)
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