FOR SALE 75 RHD Crew Cab

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  1. Selling my South Africa import RHD crew cab.

    Absolutely stock as a rock with a type 1 1600 twin port engine.

    Everything works, trip speedo, tachometer, electric windscreen washers, new seat belts in the front and new seat pads in the front.

    One key for ignition and all locks including engine lid.

    Drives beautifully.

    Loads of paperwork detailing every penny spent.

    Lots of documents including original South Africa log book, VW birth certificate and UK V5.

    Viewing in Woking, Surrey or at Volksworld.

    If interested I have a lot more photos and more detail.

    A crewie you can just jump in and drive away and enjoy - restore further as you drive.



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  2. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    It took you longer to register it than you've driven it for!
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  3. Don’t worry - another late bay in the wings ;)
    If I can sell this one.

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  4. hello any more info on the bus please, any rot rust chassis ok,?? pics of the engine bay and side gates please thankyou
  5. Sorry for delay in replying. I do have some more photos of various areas.

    I will post up at home when internet is better.

  6. I’ve now sent you photos of the bad bits to help you make an informed decision.

    Can take more if you wish - if it ever stops raining.

  7. thanks for pics and details,looks a bargain, but sadly not for me , glws tho cheers
  8. No problemo

    I have paid to put the crewcab in the ‘for sale’ section at Volksworld mainly because it comes with a weekend show ticket and guaranteed parking :)

    My head has been turned by a local project but I’m starting to have a touch of the seconds anyway.

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  9. I've seen this crew cab and I can honestly say it is very nice, good luck with the sale

    Was that ok? please send me the cheque that we agreed :p
  10. .... and if you buy it he's allready d7g out all the SA soil from around the tank!

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  11. I don't have any pics but I scraped a load of that red mud out of my Saffo bus too.
  12. I kept a coin and a couple of small calibre bullet casings that we’re in there as souvenirs of its previous life. They’re rattling around in the ashtray now.

    I’m sure mine once worked for a living before becoming something to pose around in and a mountain bike hauler (it delivered a Christmas tree to the school where Mrs Moz works too)

    Between us we must have imported a small section of SA ;)

  13. I imported a splitty that had been used to deliver cash to banks around Jo'berg - it had some odd dings on the inside that the seller said were caused by a security guard accidentally discharging his gun and the bullets ricocheted around the van.

    From the experiences I had importing vans from Guateng Province I could easily imagine that happening.

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