75 panelvan PROJECT

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  1. I've been told I'm spending too much time and money on vw's :mad: and that something has to go :mad: :mad:

    This is by far my biggest project so I'll list it first....

    1975 panel van resto project, now before I start I should say it needs the inner and outer bumper panels, I have found 1 company that has the outer (bumper) but everyone is awaiting the shipment from mexico or something for the inner one.

    Anyway loads done and loads to do still on the van, including jacking points, wheel archs, inner sliding door sill, outer panels etc I only have 1 more window to convert back to a panel then it will be a panel again.

    The van will come with a devon poptop mint condition no rips and complete but removed, R+R hinges, gearbox, 2 front doors, repaired sliding door (panelvan door no window) dash clocks fuel tank etc plus all of the repair panels I have got for the van.

    it's also been lowered very low !

    To see the van have alook on my resto thread and see whats been cut out and whats left to do... it's a big project but work has been started


    I'm asking £1650
    It's in bristol pm for my mobile
  2. Is this still for sale
  3. How much are you asking & where are you based? ???
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  5. Justdubz and chrisradioman

    Hi the van is still for sale at £1650 it's in Bristol
    More work has been done to the vcan and it is now a panelvan as I have just finished off welding in the last window repair section ;D

    Let me know if your really interested as I'll be buying more panels for it soon so the price will go up the more I spend...

    get it while it's cheap(ish)
  6. No intrest ? :-

    Come on talk to me too much money ? too much work ? :dust:
  7. Sorry dude, i was interested in it but i have one now, good luck with the sale
  8. Due to customers changing their minds, i have to ask is this still for sale

    if so can i have a contact number please
  10. Price is £1650 at the mo

    It's looking like this

    All underside panel will be welded in soon and painted
  11. £1650 :'(
  12. still for sale at £1650
  13. Ebay it kank dude
  14. Now listed on ebay :(
  15. 3 days to go :eek:
  16. Just over 1 day to go :(

    Get ready for a breaking thread! anyone want body cuts :'(
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  18. That'll be 19 people of here too. :thinking:

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