75 panel van for sale

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  1. ad pasted from scottishvag

    make; volkswagen
    colour; vw blau
    model; panel van
    year; 1975
    engine; 1600
    fuel type; petrol
    trans; manual
    mileage; 99k
    mot; may the something'th 2012
    tax; 6 months added today
    price; for rules sake its 6k , happy to px with cash my way for something interesting and cheap

    unfortunately i may need to get rid of the biscuit bus soon, shizz circustances.
    i bought the van in resonable condition around 2 years ago in standard panel van mode. iv since spent loads of cash on it running into the thousands.

    full bare metal respray with minor rust issues and welding done. new front panel from the indicators up , californian inport tailgate, aussie panel side loader . its had rust free cali cab doors fitted at some point by a previous owner too. rust free!
    new headlight rims
    new idicators
    new rear lights
    vwoa overriders
    new door seals
    new deluxe window seals
    baby moons
    new pressed plates
    lowered on type2detectives beam adjusters and slam shocks
    3bow roofrack could also be included

    a previous owner had painted the inside with hammerite :wacko: after spending countless hours stripping the outside of the van i left the inside and had it painted over , looks fine and no rust.
    full width westy rock&roll bed
    solid oak flooring
    insulated & ply lined walls covered with thin carpet material
    brand new alpine head unit and speakers
    alfa romeo grey leather seats up front (can come with tombstones)
    removable surfboard table
    the interior is very much diy but still quirky and very useable.

    the van done 4500 miles last summer and the only thing that went was the starter motor!
    quick visit to lowbay and had that sorted in an hour or so. towards the end of the summer the engine started getting lumpy and difficult to start . the engine is still in the bus and still runsbut iv got this engine now ready to get fitted!
    fully rebuilt 1600 cc with scat cam (comes minus the carbs).
    can also come with brand new 4-1 header and mondo phat boy exhaust.

    the only scabby bit of the van left to do is clean up and paint the engine bay.
    the van is now with my local guru & any niggles it may have will be fully sorted. new engine fitted, engine bay painted , fuel tank service.





    video of the van driving today is on my facebook page (james gumbo forsyth)


  2. delilah

    delilah Sponsor

    It's lovely ...if I had the money I'd bite your hand off and collect it when I'm next up your neck of the woods at my parents'!
  4. Old engine now removed . engine bay getting painted & a new battery tray (2p size hole in old one)
    fuel tank service then shiny engine fitted.

    no interest ?
  5. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    Gumbo, if I was there instead of here I'd have that van like a shot. :thinking:
    Good luck selling it but it's a shame to see it go :(
  6. Lord Charles

    Lord Charles Day's Away Mod

    Wow that is nice and at a decent price, wil;l call you if this weeks lottery numbers come up.

    Good luck with the sale.
  7. Engine bay now primed ready for paint , new engine fitted & good to go next week
  8. Deposit taken :( :) :( :)

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