'75 Crewie

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  1. Thought id be clever and take it for one last outing today before the engine comes out.....turns out he didn't like the sun.

    The cause of the intermittent power loss identified - as its now a full power loss- the fuel pump.

    My boy wasn't impressed - too hot and needed a sleep bless him.

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  2. HI, these might amuse you.
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  3. Fuel pump fitted. ran ok ...for a bit. the minor oil leak became major and still heavy oil usage.

    engine came out today to have gaskets replaced all round. barrels full of oil. the T1 to T2 adaptor was missing the actual plate and wasn't bolted fully = more heavy oil loss. rocker covers leaking one side was actually porous (not sure how that is even possible) Oil pressure switch leaking. alternator stand bolts, signs of oil creep around the nuts. flywheel oil seal leaking. Pushrod tubes. mostly leaking. oil cooler leaking. Barrels were scored and pitted too which meant an unexpected trip to purchase some more. Im hoping it will be back together tomorrow once ive purchased the last remaining bits. I'm glad my old man knows what he is doing and is on hand to help out.


    anyway on top of that, I decided to give the load bed a clean. after that wood had been on it, there appeared to be a good few years of muck and grime. hard work but satisfying !!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  4. [​IMG] [​IMG]
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