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  1. Memories of doing this on my van - all good fun and doing a great job :)
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  2. Today started off with high optimism only to come crashing down more to being tired and irritable more than anything else.

    Started off with the b pillar install that was quickly stalled by the utter state of the lower 300mm of the side pannel, which needs to be replaced ideally before the b pillar to keep the profile.

    This then lead to further investigation of around the inner cab floor behind the driver's seat (LHD) the inner sill has been replaced badly at some point, so another part to the ever growing list.

    Money - £150
    Energy 4/10

    Days left : 289

    But tomorrow is a new day, next is it clean / bare metal the side pannel and get that ordered.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  3. It's been a busy time since my last post.

    If I remember correctly it was left in a bit of a downhearted mood dude to not being able to do that arch, everything seems to work around the shut line which has pushed us further down the bus.

    But moving on the side pannel was ordered from scholfeild and removed today which shows its had a new chassis rail before bonus solid metal finally, but this revealed a few thin horrors around the inner b pillar and I guess it's called the c pillar.

    As seen in The pics we made a new section of load floor and rear pannel to reinforce this area worked out great, one picture I missed was the bending drivers seat repair, will try and get one tomorrow.

    But as mentioned above which we wouldn't of really know untill we removed some metal was how it goes back together. So it looks like rear arch is first followed by the side pannel which only after that we can start on the original plan of the front arch.

    Things to do next, order rear arch from scholfeild clean and paint the inner sill to stop any further rust down the line, and start on the rear arch.

    Days untill completion / wedding 278.

    Mrs believes it won't be done, I'm still hopefully I just need to crack on with it.


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  4. Doing a cracking job :cool:
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  5. Good progress...keep at it!
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  6. Today's bit of tinkering fixed a hole in the floor near the chassis rail, bloody werid place for a hole.

    Removed the left side rear arch a bit of work is needed on the inner arch before fitting the outer which is waiting at UPS depot from scholfeild.

    Welded up the 20 odd drill holes from where the previous wood was screwed the to bus, I don't know why it wasn't glued but hey ho. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. Pics don’t show for me?
  8. Weird I can see them in the origional and quoted post :/

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  9. They show now
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  10. Progress and even more progress today.

    Not much to say apart from really happy with it today.


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  11. And the arch is In, super happy with the lines and the fitment it, it finally looks like a bus again[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Doing a grand job Joe, looks good!
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  13. Few little updates.

    Got the driver's cab floor prepped and ready to go in along with lower tub repair.

    Started on the engine bay both side trays where rotten cleaned up the left hand side and as expected the top of the chassis rail needs some attention, i was expecting worse so not to worried after cleaning it up.

    Interesting little find as my bus was a Swedish import, in 1974 / 75 it was regulation to have headlamp washer jets, I found this out after finding the pump situated in the gap bending the air vent in the cab.


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  14. Really straight and true.:hattip:
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  15. This weekends fun

    Finished welding in the driver's side cab floor, all in and painted underneath including the inner arch.

    All that's left on the front is the driver's tub, hopefully got someone with a cut getting back to me Monday.

    Small chassis repair in the engine bay finished ready for a replacement engine side tray.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  16. Rear crossmember is in, not super happy with the welds but they are solid, first time welding upside down wasn't to fun.

    Started stripping the rear corner, what I thought was a good battery tray isn't, so another part to the list.

    Both sides are nearly the same so it's engine side trays, battery trays, rear corners along with d pillar bottoms and rear valance.

    Got a bit in patience with waiting month on month to buy parts so did a big £550 scholfeild panel order.

    Time to knuckle down over Christmas only 244 days untill it needs to be done.


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  17. All home restos totally amaze me :hattip:
  18. Me too - bravest of the brave :thumbsup:

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  19. Ha how come dude ?

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  20. Obviously comes naturally to you.
    But its all the bending, crouching, prone and lying your back positions that would do me in.
    No where near as dexterous as I used to be.:(
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