75 cookin camper

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  1. Will you make a bar from it? :)
  2. August was my last update, and the bus has not even been 20 miles.

    But here is a little 5 hour smoked ribs action on new year's eve. [​IMG]
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  3. Marty SmartyCat

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    love the colour combination on your van
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  4. Thanks
  5. Jeez my last post on here was january 6th and now its 1st november.

    Absolutely nothing has been done to the bay apart from i have just had a notification of my wiper arm bolt blanks have arrived, got know when one of them fell off as the picture above is showing both.

    she has not been driven apart from started up every sunday and now she is sitting on a new gravel driveway.

    life gets in the way and they just end up sitting for what has to be a year and a half since it came back from its crash repair with about two local trips out.

    will it start getting used again, think i have a few home truths to be thinking about. i honest didn't realise it has been that long until i checked the forum.
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  6. Well, yet again it's been a long time with no update or movement apart from its usual weekly start up.

    Thought I would pull my finger out and use it or loose it this year (sell) as it's just an expensive garden ornament.


    I booked Andrew from AG Classic cars to come give her a tune up.

    Fould plugs replaced and timings set correctly it was a few ° out.

    Checked the dwell angle and tuned webber ICT's as it was far too rich.

    Using a glass spark plug diagnosed that the left bank was under fueling, so a quick carb strip down and clean and now she is running better than ever. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  7. A few weeks ago, I got round to fitting @snotty vreg.

    Cracking piece of kit and now got a strong and stable fuel gauge reading, thanks dude. [​IMG]

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  8. :thumbsup:
  9. Just read your whole thread - what a rollercoaster ride! I gasped so loud when I got to the crash pic! Glad it's all sorted - hope ou don't decide to sell it as it seems you've been through a lot with it - what a great bus :)
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  10. Thanks for taking the time to go through it all, appreciated.

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  11. The plan to get out and using the bus is something I am still getting round to starting.

    A little fix this week was the droop on the steering column leaving about 10mm cap stopping the indicators from self canceling.

    Attempted to tighten the hex bolt to raise the top of the column shown that it had the thread stripped previously.

    An m8 30mm (should have really got a 25mm) thread nut and bolt sorted that out.

    Next thing to sort is the damm battery light on the dash, the bulb holder has been previously damaged and now won't stay in. Time to source one of them. [​IMG][​IMG]

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  12. Finally got round to fitting the Swedish washer bottle I got from @Lasty back in 2022.

    Thinking of giving it a lick of paint to freshen it up but this will do for now. Maybe I will get round to that in another two years

    10mm ID pipe to a 10 > 4mm reducer to the windscreen water motor.

    Don't think there is any chance of running out of washer fluid for a while. [​IMG]

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