75 cookin camper

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  1. To be honest, when I first fitted them I didn't sand them back, but knew I wasn't going to drive anywhere untill a few weeks late.

    Reminds me to really take it out more

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  2. Thanks to @zedders for the recommendation for blanking off the hot air intake, tonight's little job. [​IMG]

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  3. Just read through this whole thread. Utterly amazing, well done. As someone who is picking up their first ever camper on Saturday, it’s daunting to see everything you’ve done! Makes me very excited to get stuck in to ours (not that I have anywhere near the mechanical chops you obviously do!)
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  4. Everything I have done dude has been for the first time / with no prior knowledge it's a general theme of this thread with the help of a few friends and the forum of cause.

    But thank you means alot

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