FOR SALE '74 Westfalia wide bed pick up. £12,995

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    An original paint 74 Westfalia widebed pick up that we have reworked into cool useable truck with a combination of originality, restoration and suspension modification (very easily reversible).


    New UK MOT 18-August-2016

    This is an original paint truck which has its marks and dents from 41 years of use. It has great patina without looking too rough. I imported it from Northern Sweden a couple of years back and have stored it until I got round to it. They do not salt the roads in the area so rust was minimal and I have done a few small repairs whilst trying not to spoil the look.

    The load bed was looking a bit tired so it was taken off, stripped down to individual components, media blasted etch primed and given 3 coats of 2 pack satin paint. All hardware was either restored or replaced where available. The wood was sourced from a specialist in the exact thickness and finish as original. The stain colour match is near perfect when compared with an original piece that had been protected from sunlight and weather. The original Westfalia plaque and correct Westfalia decal were added in the exact location as original.

    The running gear was all gone through.
    Brakes were stripped back. Soft lines replaced, master cylinder and wheel cylinders replaced, brake shoes replaced. drums and discs fully cleaned up and checked.

    Suspension. Front: Transporterhaus dropped spindles with new balljoints. Rear: Transporterhaus adjustable springplates with new bushes. New german quality shocks all round.

    Engine was given a top end refresh. Heads off, valve guides checked and and worn replaced, cylinders checked and honed, new rings and re assembled. Tinware cleaned but kept original looking, manifold cleaned out, genuine heat exchangers fitted, new exhaust fitted which was tweaked / modified to place the muffler in a better tucked up position for a subtle look.
    New clutch kit and silicone oil seal fitted.

    The interior has the original seats which were stripped, repadded and professionally reupholstered in as close material to original as we could find. Door cards professionally remade. Original headliner in very good condition. Original kick panel on drivers side and Swedish spec headlight washer kick panel bottle on passenger side. Original floor mat.

    Swedish spec headlight washer overiders fitted.
    Original patina bumpers.
    NOS Wide bed mirrors.
    5 x 112 Fuchs style wheels with new tyres all round.

    This is a really good solid truck. The tool locker area is rust free, locker door is in good condition as are the cab doors and engine lid. The load bed is nice. I have pics of it prior to fitting the load bed. The truck is original paint but the front panel was repainted many years ago and shows a few dents and marks but looks great as is. No rust under the windscreen, great cab floor, really good underneath . Waxoyl coated for rust prevention.

    I can either sell as shown with Swedish plates or register here in the UK.

    A file of pictures can be viewed here:

    More pics will be taken in the next week.

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