74 Late Bay Devon camper for sale.

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  1. Hi all,

    Re-advertised for those wanting a camper for this summer.

    Sad to be selling Lady Day our Late Bay but we have other plans now.

    We have owned her for 5 years and loved every minute.

    She’s not the prettiest of buses but she’s got a strong heart and is a fantastic base for an improvement project.

    When I first looked underneath her, I was surprised at how good the chassis is – there’s very little rust underneath other than surface rust. Now, there are a couple of small areas of bodywork that could do with some work but she is very solid so an easy doer-upper.

    There’s a little rust hole at the back of the roof but I bought another rear end so will provide that with the sale to enable you to repair that easily.

    She had an engine fire in 2015 so the back end was resprayed in the colour that we were going to restore her to – unfortunately never got round to it so currently she will especially suit any Swedish buyers.

    We wanted a bus that was easy to drive and could cross Europe without any fatigue, so we built a £5k brand new balanced 2110cc engine starting with a new stroker case, Mahle pistons and rods, big valve heads and all new ancillaries including an alternator conversion, twin weber 40s and remote oil filter. Mated through a Kennedy clutch to a tall-ratio six-rib box, she sings along at a steady 70mph on a motorway and will romp over any hills without trying.

    She has taken us to Corfu, France, Spain, Italy, Albania etc. several times over the past few years and we have loved every minute. She would do it again tomorrow if asked.

    New Bosch starter battery and Tanya leisure battery fitted last year. Split charge system, Electric hook up and 12v Waeco CR50 compressor fridge.

    Rebuilt front beam last year. Two new tyres just fitted. New fuel pump and Filter King fuel filter.

    Full size rock and roll bed, basic cupboard unit and cooker. Removable drawer storage unit. Devon roof and front roof-rack. Rear double bike rack and a couple of bikes if you want them.

    Located in Hindhead, Surrey,
    Newquay.jpg NS.jpg 20200905_191902 (2).jpg 20200905_191824.jpg 20200905_192055.jpg 20200905_192247.jpg 20200905_191618.jpg 20200905_192834.jpg 20200905_192605.jpg 20200905_191948.jpg

    V5 in my name.

    £11,900 ono.

    07970 680357
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  2. Sorry forgot to add - New MOT
  3. Zed


    Could you edit out the multiple photos?
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  4. Sorry have done - couldn't work out how to do that at first :)
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  5. Re-advertised for those wanting a lovely bus this summer :)
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  6. @AnthonyB

    Despite what I've just posted in your which engine thread....
  7. Good luck with the sale.

    Tasty sounding engine for driveability.

    My friends just bought an early with a 2007 engine and love driving it and getting up hills with ease.

  8. Thanks Paul.

    Yes it is lovely to drive.
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  9. Did this sell on eBay at £7700? I I’m trying to gauge prices as have an eye on one. Hope I’m not being too nosey, I just know this is a realistic place to look.
  10. I think its still for sale as the seller posted just before you and didnt change the thread to sold.

    Ebay advert says ended with 2 bids.

    Without having seen it id say worth more than £7700.

    They have spent 5k on the engine,so should make a good bus for someone who is happy to do the other bits needed.

    Im sure the bus being unfinished/ different colour back end are putting many potential buyers off.
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  11. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274799821901?hash=item3ffb58844d:g:hRYAAOSwGuFgaaQC

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