FOR SALE 73 Westy

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Bob Alatt, Aug 18, 2023.

  1. LHD US import. No rust. goes and stops once I’ve fitted a new gear coupler.
    1600 manual. 95% complete. £15k Manchester.

    I’ll add more pics - this is the only one currently accessible but if you search ‘hermit bus’ in the Resto thread, there’s loads there.
  2. Some additional pix to show the condition of the bodywork. Listed elsewhere but lower price on here because reasons. IMG_7946.jpeg IMG_7943.jpeg IMG_7952.jpeg IMG_7954.jpeg IMG_7944.jpeg
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  3. IMG_7951.jpeg …and the engine - always feel short-changed when there’s no money shot under the deck lid!
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  4. Would I go to hell for swapping my bus for an Accord Estate?
    * hell doesn’t exist obviously
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  5. Yes , your life will indeed not be worth living ....

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  6. Lush bus!
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  7. Rich83

    Rich83 Supporter

    Any pictures of the interior? Can't see any. :thumbsup:
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  8. These are the best interior pix I have atm. Had it listed on ebay as ‘ready to put your own mark on the interior’ - everything works, like…

    it’s not og though obvs so it’s not a museum piece IMG_7948.jpeg IMG_7947.jpeg IMG_7942.jpeg

    probably list it elsewhere again in the spring and knock off a few jobs in the meantime all being well.
  9. Ref first post, new gear bushing fitted and all gears now obtainable :)
  10. Hi, is the bus still available and can we contact onWhatapp to share more photos please


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  11. Thanks Bob, but we've sourced a bus will come back when we need another, welcome to send images

    Whatsapp 0033 675 85 25 76
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  12. No probs, whatsapp doesn’t recognise either of the numbers above but I’ve pm’d you mine for future ref.
    Bon chance :thumbsup:

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