FOR SALE 73 tintop

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  1. img20140802_145840.jpg Hi all, as some of you may be aware I'm in the process of preparing my bus for respray, unfortunately something has come up and with great regret she's up for sale, she will be ready for respray in the next couple of weeks as it's almost all in primer, she's had a whole lot of of work done already, which includes as follows, whole new floor, new jacking points, new out riggers, new inner/outer sills, 4x new arches, new steps, new lower repair panels all round, new front door skins, new front panel, new tailgate, new rear corners, new battery trays, new brake pipes, and engine rebuild, so she is a real solid bus, just needs respray and interior sorting out, she flew through her mot about a month ago, she's also taxed, comes with all lights, handles glass etc, i have a very good front bumper but i havent got a rear, as for the interior, I have all new ply door panels for her, complete cab mat set, full width r&r bed, over head unit, and a unit I have made, and new curtain rail set, very regrettable sale but needs must, £6k no offers
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  2. Sorry to hear your news , I hope she finds a happy home, great price !
  3. No interest? Is it too expensive? Surely she's worth what I'm asking?
  4. I certainly wouldnt call that overpriced if its as solid as it sounds.. spend much less than that on a bus and its going to be a rotbox..
  5. That's the thing, she really is a rock solid bus with 12 months mot she's had 3.5k spent on her.
  6. It definitely looks worth the price if whoever buys is in a position to finish it off... great blank canvas for someone... :)
  7. I want it. Sadly i live too far away.

    Perfect base for what i need
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  8. Perfect price for me also
  9. What engine? Walkthrough or bulkhead model. Any more pics?
  10. Bulkhead model and 2.0 engine.
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    So get someone closer to look at it for you, and then if its all good get it trailered to you.
    Seems like a bargain to me and distance shouldn't really be a concern.
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  12. Any more pics? I see it has mot but by the looks of things no windows fitted so is it only trailer away?

    Super interested
  13. Where is it located?
  14. I'm in Norfolk nr19
  15. Ok all, sorry for all the confusion and inquiries about my bus, but I have been fortunate enough to have found a solution which enables me to keep my bus now, I'm chuffed as I wanted to keep her and get her finished, now I can, sorry to all that have been interested, cheers Guy
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    I can delete the thread or change the title if you like - let me know. Glad you found a solution :)
  17. Glad you found away to keep it ive just seen it i was pulling my trailer out :) to come get it
  18. Cheers guys, just hope things work out as planned, if not she will be back up for sale, but hopefully not, watch this space.

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