'73 Tin top for sale

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Dave Pearce, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Selling my '73 tin top late bay.
    I have only had it since last year but I really don't enjoy driving it so I am selling.
    I have done nothing to it personally.
    MOT runs out November, obviously no tax
    Insurance agreed valuation of £12000
    I bought in Kent and drove 320 miles home so know its good mechanically
    Had it checked out when I got home so know that there has been welding (not recent) it is solid

    £8000 or nearest offer
    Van is in Teesside

    PM me for any details or pictures IMG_2131.jpg
  2. Have you still got this and where on teesside are you
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  3. Hi, I can email you some pictures if you want, PM me your address
    I am near Billingham, are you Teesside as well?
  4. Fair enough if you don't enjoy it. Looks good in the picture and cheap at £8k
  5. I so want to enjoy it bit have a T1 as well but love it and (wrongly) assumed this would be as much fun/pleasurable

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