'73 Superviking RHD - any interest?

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  1. I'm umming and ahhing about selling Vern. Just getting welded so solid underneath and MOT'ed for a year. Tax exempt now. Due to change in circumstances, doing a full resto just isn't financially feasible so will probably go in Spring. I'm posting to see if there is any interest? It needs work, but it is sound and mechanically a good runner.

    Manchester area.

    Just testing the water before he's out of the garage in a few weeks.
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    pictures might help.
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    All threads need
    • a price
    • a location
    • a photo
    • some form of contact details
    • no ebay links
    • no vehicle sales without a v5 or equivilent
  4. Yes, sorry, posted in haste. Will comply.
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    I've got a mate looking for a bus.
    More details please.

  6. Surely a '76 isn't tax exempt. 1974 isn't free until April.
  7. That's because its a '73 - typo sorry! L reg. I'm going to start a new thread, with pictures. Title amended. Sorry for the confusion.

    In Manchester area.
  8. Crack on then youth - cant wait to see it!
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