WANTED 73 cross dresser indicator stalk

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by julesd, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Please check in your boxes... I need the following items :-

    A molar from a female chicken.
    A poop from either a rocking horse or a unicorn
    A replacement indicator stalk part number 211 953 509 h for a 1973 crossdressing van.
    An idea for a different solution if none of the others are available.


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  3. They do come up on eBay (used and NOS).Try FBI or the T2Dectectives.A workmate brought a NOS one recently but cost him a whopping £250.
  4. Hold the front page, boys...

    I think I have just figured out what I need to do to fix it. I'll report back later.

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  5. Moo

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    If you're still stuck I have a working 73/74 indicator stalk I could be tempted to part with.
  6. Ok, I have got the indicators working again. Hooray.

    But I also know what the root cause was. The whole stalk box has too much play in it, and moves around. I'm pretty sure that the fix would be to replace the shims or whatever they are called. They are a bit like these ones in the picture (these are prototype, but all I can find on the net).

    One of mine has a 'key' that fits a slot on the steering column. It's a bit worn and probably enough to cause the slack / movement.

    I'm also wondering if two of them should have this 'key'

    Anyone know where I can buy replacements? Should there be 1 or 2 with the 'keys' ?[​IMG]

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  7. I’ve recently being playing with mine. You should have 2 shims each side. One of the shims has an indent that fitted into the column stopping it from spinning.

    Maybe @davidoft has some?
  8. Bentley picture

  9. Thanks... So the one with that little 'key' that goes in the column is worn and that's why the whole box moves. Now I just need to find where to get a new one. Thanks

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  10. Ah... As per diagram... What I was calling "key" is of course a "lug".

    It doesn't look like an ear to me, but it does stick out.

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  11. I think I have some of these, can you...
    a, send me a PM to remind me to look, tomorrow
    b, Stick up a picture of the two types so I know what I'm looking for.

    Scratch that, I had a brain storm, I found one. PM me your address.

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