72 Kombi. Swedish import project

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    I think this can be classed as an early late bay....

    Anyway 72 crossdresser Kombi, Imported from Sweden where it has been out of use for a while. Ran when Parked as i was told by the previous owner. I have not had time to try it but the oil is clean and it turns fine so could be good.

    Complete vehicle that was originally used by a Swedish forest company way up north near Lapland. A pretty good straight bus with not a lot of rust. Probably a few days would see it solid. It needs some rear sill repairs just in front of the rear wheels, cab floor repair each side and a couple of other bits. Nothing major at all. 1700cc motor is original and complete. Original key in the ignition too.

    I have a large file of pics available by
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    Whoops meant to put this in the buses section not parts....
    Sorry :-[
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