FOR SALE 6 rib gearbox

Discussion in 'Late Bay Parts Classifieds' started by Vwsm, Feb 6, 2020.

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    I don't!
  2. Sorry my mistake, I thought when we spoke you said you did.
  3. @scrooge95 another member on here gave me his number so I could WhatsApp him. Do you need him to do some work on gearbox or do you just want advice?
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    GDPR and all that malarkey! ;-)
  5. @scrooge95 Sarah I have a mobile number for him will PM you
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  6. @scrooge95 Sarah, John Walklett rebuilt the Bug's box. He has a good reputation, and does lots of VW work. He wasn't particularly fast, but I wasn't in huge hurry. Contact me if you need his email :)
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  7. Thanks all. Didn't mean to 'thread hijack' ;)
    Basically I have a spare 3 rib, and a whiny, sloppy fitted 3 rib. Just scouting the possibility of getting one of them sorted, :thumbsup:
  8. Agreed it's not shiny. The magnetic plug might tell us more.
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  9. On second observing on that hole in the bell housing ..could be blown out accidentally with hot torch ...the sides look smooth
  10. You assume correctly :hattip:
  11. @Faust and @F_Pantos i'll take the drain plug out again later and get a pic.
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    Not wishing to bag anyone on here - but if they aren't actually going to buy it, and I was a prospective buyer, I'd want you to do all this ballsing about with me there, live, watching it.

    Else - you could wipe clear the plug and put it back in without my seeing it, same for the oil.

    Again, not bagging anyone as this is people trying to help, but actions designed to give comfort to an actual buyer should be done with the actual buyer, surely?
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  13. Get your point Moons ..but when people buy them for big money unknown anyway at £400 it's not to much of a risk .
    Chances are it will be redone is highly likely .
    My self i bought a six rib off Brothernumberone on here , told me it should be ok took his word so just slung it in day job if you know what your doing was fine and still is but, paid good money for it .

    Sure you are right and i suppose trust varies from person to person .
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    Thanks for being cool buddy, I meant no offence.

    If I was 100% interested I’d want to see that sump bolt to come out, paint splitting as it’d not been opened to give me some confidence.

    Agree 100% nothing is certain!
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  15. Actually tempted myself to purchase as got a project on ...Berwick on tweed is a fair way to go from Derby to take a look .
    Having said that i went all the way down to
    Am quite interested in this myself as have a project bus and buying in components when see fit ..but Berwick on Tweed is a fair way to go from Derby to view the condition .

    Having said that i went all the way down to west sussex Petworth to pick the one up i got from Fletch ..but i needed one quite urgently .
  16. @Moons I was just taking advice of other members as I'm not a mechanic. I wouldn't know what used gearbox oil is meant to look like so wouldn't know if it was good or bad so posted the picture and waited to see what the verdict was.
    I can see your point though but I can't go back now.
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