450 trouble free miles last weekend, driving to Suffolk

Discussion in 'Suffolk' started by Joyceethebluedevon, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. got back from Suffolk last wednesday, camping with family. Over 450 trouble free miles in 'Joycee'. What a relief after our last two troubled jaunts. 4 1/2 hours from Doncaster to Dunwich, she ran really well. Anyone spot us?A1, A17 ,A47?

    We had a great time, never been to Suffolk before, its really nice. Visited aldeburgh and southwold, and went crabbing in walberswick. :) :)

    heres a few photos.

    the camp site, in the woods but also right on the beach


    car park at Walberswick




    the site


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  3. Woodylubber

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    Great pics adam :D looked like a good time, I love your bus
  4. Joycee looking good there fella! I have Suffolk down on my list next, have never been either and loads of people rave about Southwold.
  5. We have been to both Aldeburgh and Southwold, loved them - great trip!
  6. :thumbsup: Great pics, that's what it's all about..
  7. Cool pics Crabbing sounds nasty lol. ;)
  8. Nicest fish and Chips ever from Southwold imho :)

    Little black shed/hut by the harbour, takes ages to get your fish but its so fresh and the batter is spot on.... you wont be disapointed if you visit! :thumbsup:

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