WANTED 3 way fridge

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by chutsby, May 9, 2013.

  1. Hello,
    I am looking to buy a second hand Electrolux RM123 3 way fridge to replace my current RM122 2 way unit. Does anyone have one of these for sale?
  2. Cheers, have done that!
  3. Unfortunately the 2 fridges mentioned above are the wider Electrolux (RM212 I think), they are 45cm wide. I need the 3 way version of my current 2 way RM122 fridge, these are 38cm wide. Still looking if anyone has one available...
  4. why do you want the 3 way one ? if you have gas and 12v can you just not fit a transformer to use the 240 ?
  5. I guess that would be an option but I have found that the fridge doesn't really get that cold when running on the 12v element. Even after a long drive when it should be running at reasonable current it doesn't seem that cold. I was assuming the separate 240v element in the 3way fridge would be better.
  6. Yeah I tried to do that and it worked but not very well.
    Got a rm123 now thats brilliant ,you'll get one mate.
    Try E-bay then make them an offer.
    £100 a good offer ,worked for me :thumbsup:
  7. The 240 volt element is greatly superior. The idea is 240 at home and cooled prior to loading it up, 12 volt to try to keep it cool on the move (takes 6 to 9 amps so it would be a decent sized transfprmer) and then gas or 240 when you get there. Ive driven with gas on by mistake and the 12 volt has kicked in and frozen nearly everything in there!!
  8. Did you get one yet Chutsby? Hope so. Once you have can I be second in line for any for sale? Sorry to jump on your thread. Can't work out how to start a new post. Duh!
  9. Hi, no, still looking though! Cheers, Colin

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