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  1. Should be interesting :D

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  2. Apologies for the Joe Willy in the background :eek:
  3. Willy :eek:?
  4. One thing I noticed a bit belatedly is that while the mass-produced e.h. Halfords rattle cans produce some overspray, these lower pressure cans filled at the paint shop produce much more "lumpy splatter" if you are not careful.

    Make sure you mask a wide area around your spraying.
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  5. I knew what I was typing o_O
  6. If that's 2 pack you already know you should get a decent mask :thumbsup:
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  7. Good point - isocyanates. I’d have genuinely forgotten :thumbsup:
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  8. Zed


    Heat your paint cans in a bucket of hot water for a fine mist. Works a treat. :)
  9. Yes, this does work well and make certain the nozzle is cleaned thru between uses; I turn the can upside down and give it a blast until no paint comes out.

    Seriously, think about getting a proper gun, a mask and a compressor, tho. The paint from air dry 2k converted cans isn't all that great compared to the stuff from years ago.
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  10. Despite the fact it is not the ultimate paint, it maintains a glossy finish a lot longer than e.g. the Halfords Pastelweiss which goes chalky and matt. Also that it doesnt like being heated up and blisters for a while after "curing" if you e.g. paint the rear valance with it and go for a drive a day later.
  11. It isn't oil or petrol proof either :(
  12. Where did you get that from if you don't mind me asking
  13. Thought with the 2k cans once activated you had an hour or some to use it before it went off in the the can.
    Whats the use time one activated?
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  14. Yep, once you pull the pin, you gotta use it. Only get about 15 minutes from memory, then it's a doorstop.
  15. Yep, about 30 mins
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    just eBay
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  17. davidoft

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    depends how it’s stored , I’ve used it months later
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  18. 2k converted lasts forever in the can and is safe (relatively enough). Whereas 2k in a can that requires an activator (you can tell coz there's a pin to pull/push at the base of the can) lasts just a few minutes before it goes hard in the can; it requires a proper mask.
  19. It must be combining the 2 parts just before it sprays Intrigued if its has 2 chambers, but I can't imagine it being that clever.
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  20. Any idea how the “converted” stuff works? The stuff I get from Autopaints is allegedly 2-pack, but is just…a can. No button pressing needed.

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