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  1. Can anyone offer any guidance on quantities of 2k paint and primer to do a whole bus inside and out?
  2. Have found a couple of previous posts on here that suggest around 8L 2k paint and 5L 2k high build primer. Does this sound about right?
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    Would really appreciate some input on quantities as I will be placing the order on Monday. Painting inside and outside up to the gutters Dove Blue, Cloud White roof only.
    How does 4l epoxy primer, 5l high build 2k primer, 8l 2k gloss sound?

    I would like to have some white paint left over for the poptop and bumpers when I get round to them.
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  4. It is a hard one, the high build is good at getting rid of small lows and imperfections with enough on. Depends on how well its finished etc. 8l probably about right, I like to have a bit left for the car door banging idiots
  5. Thanks Mick. Panels aren't too bad but I want to get them as good as I can with the high build after filler.
  6. A guide with some black spray paint shows the low spots, some of the show paint jobs are a 1000 times better than when they left the factory new , I was told by a paint of over 40 years experience 99% prep 1% paint. Sand and then sand some more and to be on the safe side even more
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    It also depends on the quality of paint your using, your gun,and your experience levels. With something like glasurit or Lechler, an experienced painter will get good coverage in one and a half coats, but an inexperienced painter using pro spray or similar will need 3-4 coats to cover properly.

    So assuming your fairly new to painting, I would say 4 litres of blue, two of white if your just doing the roof, maybe 3 to do bumpers and wheels.

    Your primer quantities should be more than enough.
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  8. Yeap these quantities sound reasonable. Think I did 2l of white and 4L blue. ended up needing a little more white for bumpers etc.

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