2056 type 4 drivers

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  1. Was it worth getting the extra cc's.. have you had any problems, have you needed extra coolers etc

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  2. 1700 b&ps and turbo it
  3. Who built it.... is it built yet? I found it cheaper to fit Subaru and that was defiantly worth doing. Same cc but more hp.
  4. Not yet..it'll be me and I'm happier playing with older engines without ecu's and stuff

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  5. Well if you want an oil cooler give us a shout. I’ve got fan, thermo switch thingy, pipes etc. Essentially everything you need to fit & install a cooler.
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  6. Might well do mate!

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  7. Bumpnudger Alan had a 2056 type with 40 IDF's and that bloody flew.

    I think it was a Laurie Petit (before he became ill) built motor.
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