2 x Big Bang Weekend Tickets (Santa Pod Raceway)

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  1. Big Bang is 27th-29th April 2012 at Santa Pod Raceway (Northants).

    2 x Weekend Big Bang Tickets + 1 free child ticket for £60. (not including postage)

    I bought these on early bird discount. They cost £28 + £2 booking fee each at the time of purchase.

    The current price is £40 + £2 booking fee each.

    Just looking for my money back as will not be able to attend :mad:. I also have 1 free child ticket but children under 13 years old are free. Shouldn't be a problem on entry to add more chlldren.

    I will post these tickets Special Delivery (Next day) for £5.45 at your own cost or collection is welcome from Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. I will accept payment through Paypal, Bank Tranfer/Direct payment or cash if being collected.

    2 x Weekend Big Bang Tickets + 1 free child ticket for £60. (not including postage)
  2. £60 inc the next day postage any good to you?
  3. Technically it cost you £58 all in. They are still selling big bang tickets and you don't need to pay postage.

    I think you might get a buyer if you drop the price a touch, only two days left. If you don't sell then your down £60, what have you to loose?
  4. The tickets cost me £28 each and £2 booking fee per ticket (please check www.bigbang.co.uk as the booking fee is now per ticket not per order)

    Therefore the tickets cost £60 in all not £58.

    The postage cost for was Special Next Day with Royal Mail, to ensure tickets arrived in good time and not lost.

    These have now been sold.
  5. Shame that's not the website, But whatever I was only trying to help.

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