2 Black Brother Cats Free to a good home!

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  1. The time has come to let our cats go to a home that can offer them the love and attention they deserve as due to a change of work arrangements and a baby on the way, they aren't getting the love they deserve. They are very outdoorsy and can fend for themselves, trust takes a while but they're brilliant when settled as I got them from Cats Protection Agen...cy when they were 5 months old after being born in care and are now 18months old. They are great fun to play with and love a good fuss, when they get bored of being outside lol, Like i said very reluctant give away but needs must im afraid. I'd rather them be happy and settled than holding onto them, it's just not fair on them. message me if interested? thanks :) pics to follow x

    heres Thomas

    and heres Oscar

    Message me if you fancy 2 great cats that will be very much missed x

    The cats are currently in Sheffield
  2. I'm sorry to be contentious here but this kind of thing really gets my goat. People think it's perfectly acceptable to pass pets around when it doesn't "suit" their circumstances anymore...you've had them for only 13 months, surely it must have been conceivable at that point that you may have children in the future and wouldn't be prepared to raise them with the cats? A change of work arrangements can't be that much trouble if the cats are outdoorsy and fend for themselves as you say.

    That said, it's not necessarily directed personally at you, more a "society attitude" thing - they look like lovely cats and I wish you all the best in finding a lovely forever home for them.
  3. I would have loved too, but i have 2 dogs that wouldnt like me bringing 2 cat's into house, wish you best of luck,

    They look stunning, love black cat's
  4. ah Thanks Dinky, it guts me to say good bye to them, getting choked up as i write this but needs must i guess.

    spread the word,

    :) thanks x
  5. delilah

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  6. thanks Delilah, yeah its heart wrenching to be honest, and i wouldnt be happy unless they were together :) fingers crossed ay


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