FOR SALE 19th century Avery Scales

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  1. As title says. Set of balance scales dating from the late 1800’s. Proof in serial no. B183577B-2B13-4C87-9139-BD839340F2D5.jpeg £150.00. Dare you to try and find a set like them...

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  3. So is it bolted to your path ?
  4. Why? You want to come round and try and nick it?
  5. Errrrm no ,,,, I was finking abart ova types might init o_O And if it’s not did you cut them bolts off when yo nicked it o_O
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  6. Never knicked was used at our old factory Butlers and Tanners. I saved it from the scrap man.
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  7. .:rolleyes:
  8. Drew Pritchard may be interested.
  9. He’s been to Frome already. I missed him...
  10. Anyone ever seen any like them? I’m interested to know...
  11. B...ump
  12. Bumppppppppp!

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