1990 SCIROCCO SCALA 1.8 8v K-Jet

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  1. Model: Scala
    Year: 1990
    Mileage: 83753 (this will change)
    Tax: April
    MOT: April
    Current owner: Yes
    V5 present: Yes
    Location: Lincoln
    Price: £2000 (or make me an offer)
    Contact Details: 07811356261/grinner80@hotmail.com/PM me on here
    Additional Information: Well where to start?
    ENGINE:- New TSR 4 plate metal head gasket, new CAM belt, new oil cooler, new radiator, new battery, new HT leads, new sapark plugs, one new injector (as I broke one working the engine), new fan motor, Neuspeed 82 degC thermo switch and Neuspeed 82 degC fan switch (these turn on 10 degrees earlyer to prolong engine life, some new hoses, K&N panel filter, custom Dyna Flow exhaust (similar shape to standard exhaust).
    SUSPENSION:- Lowered on (unbranded) coil overs, new ARB bushes, 15" Ronal LS's with stretched tyres, 20mm FK hub centric spacers on the rear and rolled archs.
    :- Clear front indicators (you know the ones), clear side indicators, A few random stickers (including the big SCIROCCO under the spoiler), Kenwood Head unit with remote (needed as a button is missing from head unit, but still works fine), seats are in great shape for 22 year old seats with no tears or wear, custom red car mats with SCIROCCO on them from justmatz.
    :- The car is 22 years old and is not perfect, there are small points of rust on the boot and bonnet, the left wheels are curbed (but look fine and deadly from a distance), also th paint ain't great. It polishes up well but close up its had a couple of dodgy blow overs in the past from other owners. There is no history with the car, this is as close as a history you'll get.
    There could well be watery eyes when I sell this car, my blood and sweat are literally in this car as most of the work has been carried out by myself. I love this car, but I have to sell it as I've bought the camper van!
  2. Look what Ricky could have bought, I had a mark 1 which had been played with, wonderful cars.
  3. i wish i could, ive been looking at these on ebay but not the right time for me to be buying anything just yet :(
    but looks great good luck with the sale
  4. Would love one if had cash
  5. Miss my old one good luck with the sale dude
  6. I'm going to miss this when its gone!

    Now on Pistonheads for £1800!

    But the longer it takes to sell the longer I get to drive it about!

  7. Want to swap it for a landrover defender project?
  8. LoL!

    No thank you, we're wanting to go down to a 2 motors for 2 people rather then the 3 motors for the 2 of us.

  9. Np dude its always worth an ask
  10. £1500

  11. Inside,
  12. I know you said you wanna downsize on cars but.... wanna swap for my Lupo (worth £1500 and much easier to sell)
  13. as in.... I'm not joking I'll just drive to Lincoln any night you like with the lupo and the logbook... (apart form saturday night when I'll be in Newport Pagnel)
  14. Now with MOT!

    But not two hours late, I have taken a deposit!

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