FOR SALE 1987 Polo Breadvan

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  1. 1987 polo “Breadvan” 1.3 4+E (5speed)
    60,000 miles one lady owner from new
    OG paint , seat covers fitted from new so interior v good Garaged all its life ,even battery tray has og paint
    100% solid underneath (although did have to weld both rear sills)

    could easy be a show car!

    mot till Jan

    Price is £3k. Located in Horsham West Sussex

    gutted to sell however daughters off to uni and I have enough toys (And I’d rather have an early bug!) plus I’m moving in 3weeks and don’t have anywhere to park it so it’s gotta go!

    It’s had new :)

    new cam belt n pump +new Vw antifreeze fluid
    New front disks n pads plus rear cylinders Most hard lines and all flexi hoses etc (rear shoes were ok but have a set to go with)
    New lowered shocked n springs(old springs n rear shocks included). + new top mounts front and new rear bump stops , rear is also adjustable think there gas shocks.
    Rear sills welded in (properly!)
    Plugs, leads,Air/oil filters and service etc (has factory elec ignition in dizzy )(and hyd tappets!)
    New fuel tank by po
    Prob loads more I’ve forgotten

    bad bits

    Slight tinny rattling noise from engine (think it’s the alternator bearings although it charges fine -new alternator included)
    Slight vibration from steering wheel and clunks on full RH steering lock (Think it’s prob Front wishbones £27 each from heritage)
    Also need a tyre as mentioned on last mot
    Comes with spare set of brake pads n shoes and whatever else I’ve got, plus 4 14”mesh alloy wheels which have been tarted up ok (not by me)but to bee 100% need refurb.

    9783BC92-8020-4967-9F53-1A6988F73322.jpeg EEA933D0-B260-4F0D-B4C8-8E0BB74A18DF.jpeg 8939CDE0-BE43-4D3D-833E-CD06671E7DBD.jpeg DE8D50E2-C3EE-4ED5-9893-8ACAE867A6ED.jpeg 66452BAA-BD20-4828-99F2-C03AD7EF4E04.jpeg E0CCB63B-420B-4A10-825C-C1EF51731228.jpeg BA04EAEE-BDCC-4B3E-B046-4B35189682DE.jpeg 6696D91A-29F6-43F4-8C93-35447105788A.jpeg 22D6FCB1-1482-487B-84BA-F901654CDDDF.jpeg 4174898C-2271-4A3B-A048-46B09AF2FFDF.jpeg
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  2. No promises but I’ve brought this to the attention of my son.

    He’s looking for his first car.

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  3. davidoft

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    you can promise to buy it for him :D
  4. I had one of these. It was great :thumbsup:.
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  5. They are very practical and insurance should be reasonable, I would have thought.
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    My brothers mate had one , they were the cheapest car to insurance at the time
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  7. I put my daughter on as a named driver(on provisional licence) on a new policy in my name, am paying about £400 I think apparently goes up massively tho when they pass

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  8. No longer 4sale at the moment due to the heap of junk T2 probably dropping a valve or something!
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  9. New silly price .....


    Jacked it up and had a look at steering, all wishbones etc ok but found it clunking From steering rack, looks like the little old lady drove it with worn top mounts and rattled the steering rack around!
    Problem is there hard to get in RHD so maybee a modified mk 1 golf one may fit or find someone to overhaul it which I really don’t have time for now as I need to rebuild my type 4 engine before I move!
  10. Or swap for a good 2.0 type 4 engine!
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