FOR SALE 1979 Westy 2.0 manual

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  1. Spent most if its life in Mexico, imported from Canada in June this year. All duties paid.

    Awesome original interior.

    Super-straight original body, no damage, no filler. A genuine, honest bus with no surprises.

    Cracking, unregistered project. Only needs battery trays, windscreen and tyres for MOT (all included in sale).

    Starting £6999

    This should hopefully be a link to a ton of pics!

    1979 Westfalia on eBay - PICS!
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  2. very nice interior :thumbsup:
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  3. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    Ahh manual in not automatic

    .....thought at first, that would be very expensive to have sitting on my book shelf even if it was genuine Westie :D
  4. Haha! I see how it could read like that.
  5. rickyrooo1

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    it's nice but i don't think you can sell on here using ebay links mate. rules is rules, read the selling rules.
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  6. what the hell is that last picture of?
  7. That's the nearside battery tray and the smaller hole is for the side reflector. Obviously it's the worst bit of the bus so it's all good from there. Just making it clear what to expect - no surprises and all. I don't see any point in hiding it!
  8. fairy fluff!
  9. Dicky.. That's rust... I paid £2800 and have plenty of it. :(
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  10. I couldnt actually make out where on the bus it was! would havebeen a good competition - name the rusty spot. Anyway I think this is called hijacking!:)
  11. He is right ya know !!!!!!!!!!!
  12. When you say only needs a, b and c for MOT..... Do you mean you MOT,d it and the MOT peeps say you need a, band c or is that what you think it will need?

    looks like it would need a bit more than that to make it worth while. Someone good at welding and body work might want to take it on I s'pose.

    That said, fab westy interior.....
  13. 7k? seven THOUSAND pounds?? what did i miss? I think i must have bumped my head on the way down... 7 grand??!
    hate to say it but the battery trays are not going to be the only bit that needs welding unless you're going to use shoeglue on the rear arches and bottom corners.
  14. Hey Jack, yeah I took it for MOT and have the fail sheet and all the parts necessary to pass MOT and get this bus on the road and registered ready for camping. From there it can be restored as quickly or as slowly as you wish!
  15. I guess it was only a matter of time! Fair play to the members of this forum that it took so long ;)

    Thanks for your uninformed input, bluething. Uninformed as in, you are passing judgement on a vehicle you have only seen pictures of.

    I'm all up for a discussion as clearly you share the same beef as me when it comes to overpriced junk so, if you'd like, I'll repost my ad in the appropriate section and we can get cracking. I have a truck load of reasons why this price is fair and, in fact, probably a bit of a steal in the current market. Otherwise, unless you have something constructive to add, please save the incendary tone of your comments for elsewhere and get orf' my for sale thread.

    Much love.
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  16. sorry but it's not uninfomred input. you posted the pics and the camera doesnt lie.
    Hole, front right wheel arch (welding)
    hole rear right wheel arch (welding)
    moody rear right gutter
    Hole, windscreen scuttle (welding and if it's holed to this extent then i Wouldnt hold out much hope for the lip that the seal sits on)
    Hole, left rear wheel arch
    Hole left outer sill.
    battery trays, both of them, and then you'll need to go back to bright steel before you can make the repair. there doesnt appear to be much of that in the area of the repair

    my contructive criticism is this, ask for 5 or 6 and it might sell. starting the bidding at 7k as you suggest well good luck:thumbsup:
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  17. I think that's a good price, do a bit of welding and then u have a tidy Van with a very tidy inside, These r the type of vans that give me hope of getting another at a good price ,few weekends work. Least I can see The rot not like a few of 5k vans I have viewed recently.
  18. That will make a VERY nice van.....

    The interior is what makes it worth the money, but whoever buys it will have to be prepared to chuck another 7k at it to do it justice... That interior is in superb nick and really original!

    I reckon £1500 welding. ,£4500 inc vat for a proper paint job and a grand in bits.... But what a lovely bus it will be then, and probably worth at least £15k

    Good luck mate, and I think your price is 100% fair. :)
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  19. Just for everyone's info I bought my bus (the one on my avatar) from Gordie and got a very well sorted example for a good price, he's a good guy trust me.
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  20. Thanks for all the comments - lots of interesting stuff! And thanks, Ade. Always skip a beat when I see a pic of Wonky all sorted and looking the bomb!

    Bus is booked in for welding in January. As the auction was running down I suddenly had a pang of sadness that, if it sold, I wouldn't get the pleasure of restoring it. Well, I guess it's time for a project thread….. stand by!

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