FOR SALE 1979 T2 VW Camper - Panel Van conversion

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  1. VW T2 1979 (T) Reg. Campervan (converted panel van)

    Current MOT. Now a Classic!
    Very little use for the last couple of years so needs a new home.

    We bought her in May 2007 - so have known her for the past 13 years!
    10 Former Keepers

    Price reduced to sell - now only £6024.00
    VW T2 1979 Campervan (converted panel van) for sale.
    Current MOT. Now a Classic and Tax Exempt!
    Very little use for the last couple of years so needs a new home.
    We bought her in May 2007 - so have known her for the past 13 years!
    10 Former Keepers
    She had a new reconditioned engine installed in 2012 and has approx. 14,288 miles on the clock.
    She hasn't had the standard conversion, she has had the R&R bed replaced with three comfy seats with seatbelts (did this for the safety of our youngsters). They all fold down flat and allows for a mattress/blow-up bed to make a double sleeping area. If a R&R bed is required I am sure you can refit one.
    It starts well, and passed MOT although a few areas have been identified that need intervention:
    The latest MOT expiry 16/7/20 states the following:
    Vehicle structure is corroded but structural rigidity is not significantly reduced (general underside) - this is the part that would need restoring - and hence it makes the best combination of purchase for the price -
    The camper van can be used as is, to be enjoyed this summer - but maybe could undergo a good old restoration to your own design over the winter - and end up with a right stunner for next summer - and a lot higher sale price!
    The following have been recently fixed:
    Brake hose has slight corrosion to ferrule Nearside Read
    Brake hose has slight corrosion to ferrule Offside Rear
    Brake disc worn, pitted or scored, but not seriously weakened Front
    Wheel bearing has slight play Offside Front
    Brakes imbalanced requirements only just met, it would appear that the braking system requires adjustment or repair.
    Sparks plugs replaced
    Inspection of the carburettor and made good an air leak.
    Emissions checks and tuned accordingly.
    Series of cold and warm starts at 5, 10, 30 minute intervals.
    Note: When we bought her one of the windows was made from acrylic and we had a replacement louvre window to install. We never needed it and never got around to replacing it - however over the weekend it was bumped and cracked! Typical!! So we have covered it with obscured sticky back plastic and will include the replacement window - but it will need fitting by new owner.
    So that is the latest info. That doesn't mean that other things could be needed to be repaired and replaced - but such is the ownership of most 41 year old vehicles!! I think a good sense of humour and resourceful nature is also required!
    There is rust here, there and everywhere, but I guess you would expect that on a 41 year old vehicle that hasn't had her body work restored for some time.
    Her doors are a bit creaky and drafty.
    The pop up has some white paint that has been over-sprayed and has seen better times but does work. There are two hammock beds in the roof which would be best for little ones.
    Three SMEG burner gas hob and sink with electrically pumped running water.
    A mini gas oven installed in some cupboards.
    Just Kampers cover and a drive away awning included.
    We have kept her serviced, repaired and updated, but haven't done much with the body work for the last few years. What you see if what you get. We haven't filled it to look better for sale. She needs to be loved - warts and all!
    She has been kept under a Just Kampers Cover and we run a dehumidifier in her during the winter months.
    To sum her up, she starts well, and can be used as is, and she is ready for some more summer adventures. But please do not think there is no work to be done - it is all down to individual preference - but the body work rust will need dealing with at some time soon. If you think renovation rather than luxury you are on the right lines. But also, if you think fun, adventure, surf and the great VW T2 community - it is so worth while.
    If you are resourceful and able to be creative in your ownership of a VW campervan you will have a great time, but if you aren't prepared to spend time and money on her, then maybe not your best purchase!
    She is also an ideal investment and can be restored to meet your specific taste, style and design when you have time.
    Please ask any questions and let me know what your expectations are - I really don't want to mislead anyone. More photos etc can be made available and can be seen on my website - hookedonglamping co uk
    I also reserve the right to cancel my listing early as I have it listed on 3 other campervan sites and she is locally advertised.
    Finally - before you bid - just remember - she is SOLD AS SEEN - if you want a £15k-£20k restored type van - I'm sorry, this is not the right purchase for you.
    Bank transfer only.
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