FOR SALE 1979 T2 Bay Window 1.6 Moonraker camper

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  1. It's with a heavy heart my much loved Money Penny is to go to a new home.

    She is a beautiful old thing and runs like clockwork going on long trips without issue. Last MOT was done even though it was exempt... She had alot of welding done, sills, outriggers, floor repairs and both rear inner arches repaired. She is good to okay on the paintwork but she is 41 years old. Mileage seems to be a genuine 76,000 miles.

    The interior was stripped out completely for the interior rebuild and refit. All from marine ply and oiled to protect it. Most of the interior is new with new front seat covers. Has a working original 70's eletrolux 212 fridge in great condition (only works on 12v and 240v gas was unsafe so disconnected) Has orginal sink with electric pump and cooker/grill which also works perfectly. LED strip lights in the roof which can be almost any color/brightness you want. Two wardrobe's, gas heater, towbar, bluetooth radio, 110ah leisure batteyr, towbar bike rack, rear seat belts!, fibreglass front and rear bumper's, 3 gauges oil pressure/oil temp and volts, huge side awning, full service and gear oil changed and I have lot's or receipts and paperwork.

    Engine is a pearler and never fails, keeps cool and trucks along nicely, I had several suspension and running gear parts replaced along with all shocks and tyres before tracking was done. Drives very is comfostraight and at 55-60 does 65-70 fine but I feel like I am pushing her...

    She is not perfect and I am not claiming her to be so don't expect a new bus when you view or expect £1000 off the asking price because you'll only be going home disappointed.

    I am asking a firm £13000 which I think is pretty fair for a fully working ready to go bus

    Text or message me on here

    07 three 80 three 96 three 78

    Loacted in Sheffield

    Thanx Shane

    Some pictures are before the new fibreglass bumpers

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  2. nice colour. doesn't say were you are ?
  3. Sheffield :hattip:
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