FOR SALE 1979 Super Viking

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  1. For sale is our 1979 Super Viking “Saffron”.

    We’ve had her for about eight years and started to restore her but in the last few years we’ve realised we can’t give her the time and space she needs. Sadly, it's time to let her go to a new home.

    As per the photos there is quite a bit of work to do to get her back to her full glory but with four bunks around the roof and a full width R&R there’s not a lot to do to get to “weekend van” level. Engine runs well and has never broken down on us. MOT from November where there was a bit of welding done. The bellows are original but still fine and watertight. The roof has a few scratches but is sound. I replaced the gas struts when we bought her so it lifts fine.

    I’ve been a lurker on Late bay for a long time and wanted to put her up on here to sell as you guys will understand what’s involved etc etc.

    For someone with the space and time to give her the love she deserves she'll make a great van. Looking for £4.5k but all sensible and genuine offers considered. Mobile 07900807480.

    Location is Lewes, East Sussex, UK

    IMG_20191117_142548_result.jpg IMG_20191117_142622_result.jpg IMG_20191117_142637_result.jpg IMG_20191117_142657_result.jpg IMG_20191117_142826_result.jpg IMG_20191117_142903_result.jpg IMG_20191117_143121_result.jpg IMG_20191117_143134_result.jpg IMG_20191117_143304_result.jpg IMG_20191117_143005_result.jpg
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  2. This is a cool looking bus! Something about it I love!
    I reckon that’s a good price and should have no probs selling it to someone who can see beyond the paint etc.
    Rear left corner needs doing I suspect and some more photos of underneath would be beneficial to potential buyers.

    Good luck with it. :thumbsup:
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    This looks great. Just what I’d look for if I was adding to the fleet. Best of luck.

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  4. Its got potential for sure. Rust seems to be the main issue and at the right price would appeal to someone who can weld and looking for a restoration. As said some pics of the underbody rust and welded areas would be helpful.
  5. Thanks guys!! :O)

    There's definitely a lot to do and I'm guilty of not wanting to let her go but it's definitely time.

    I've attached a load of photos of the underside and a few other bits. If there's anything I can add to make things easier for anyone to get a good idea of the state then let me know, I just want her to go to a good home!

    I've put the photos up here as I can't seem to attach them on this post:

    Thanks all!
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    Did this sell in the end? Whoever bid on the rotten viking on eBay should've gone for this one instead.
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  7. Zed


    100% agree, I'd rather spend all that excess welding time on the other one making an interior for this one. But nobody in their right mind is actually going to hand over the £6,600 when they go to fetch it. Maybe if you look at the pics on a tiny phone screen it looks better! Or they could be total A'holes clearing out the competition ready to low ball the 6 rib box when they turn up.
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  8. It's not gone yet!
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