FOR SALE 1979 LHD 2.0 litre Westfalia Berlin

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  1. A LHD 1979 2.0 litre Westfalia Berlin T2. I’m quite certain it was originally a German vehicle imported to the UK around 1999.

    I acquired it in June 2005 and since that time the only major engineering work it has had is dismantling of the front suspension, both sides, and replacement of needle bearings and seal retainers plus seals. Four suspension joints replaced. This was to resolve an MOT advisory of stiff nearside suspension, which when dismantled appeared to be due to an incorrect rebuild at some time (from the paperwork early 2005 I think).
    I have had a lot of body work repair carried out as you might expect from a 40 year old vehicle, with a few thousand spent.

    During my ownership I realise I’ve done too few miles to warrant keeping it. More recently it’s been SORN for a couple of years but I have renewed the MOT and it is ready to drive away. It’s now time to pass on to someone who’ll give it a bit more love and make more use of it.

    The main work left is to complete restoration, with the main things being replacing some window seals and finishing off the tidying up of the bodywork - structurally it's solid, but there are a few patches/bubbles that need dealing with, and the paint job isn't great. Other than the welding it’s reasonably original. There is a load of documentation outlining work done by previous owners indicating engine rebuilds etc.

    I think someone that knows what they are doing should be able to sort it quite easily and it will then be a brilliant van for someone. But not me as I do not have the time, skills or desire amongst all my other projects to complete. There will be a few parts to go along with the van, specifically some original green tartan material (I was going to recover the seats) and new side window.

    From looking at the prices similar vans are going for, and taking in to account that some money will need to be spent, I'm looking in the region of £13,000.

    The van is located in Tarvin, Cheshire. Viewing recommended and welcomed. I will be loading more photo's soon.

    Please contact me if interested.

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