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  1. I have very reluctantly decided to sell my camper as i just dont have the time to enjoy it, and havent used it since i re-trimmed the interior nearly a year ago so cannot justify keeping it any longer.

    the front seats are recaro's from a ford rs turbo. pretty good original condition. the back has had all panels remade and wrapped in white leatherette on the walls, carpeted front to back over vinyl to keep it water safe. it has a full width r&r bed, with brand new foam and covers with leatherette end caps to match the walls. i've fitted a Devon kitchen unit, sink with storeage cupboard, soft-wrapped in a nice green polka dot fabric.

    the engine is a recon AD 1600cc twinport, carb is fresh from a strip down and refurb. new HT leads fitted but not used. the van has done 0miles since i fitted them. has a quiet pack exhaust fitted, has rusted over but is solid. just repaired the preheat pipes, which has rusted, common problem.

    the previous owner had a full respray in a metallic blue, looks amazing in the sun, really deep finish to the paintwork.
    Comes on 17" porsche twist reps with good condition tyres.
    Van has been lowered quite a lot, has spax coilovers on the front, but is a nice comfortable ride.

    Solid underneath, when i bought it there were 3 rust holes on the floorpan, which i fwelded up, fibreglassed over and hammerited, just to be sure.

    has a leisure battery fitted, which powers all the electrics seperately from the batery for the motor. also has a split-charge system so even after a weekend of using the radio etc you know the motor battery is still fully charged and will work.

    i have the insulator pads for the windows, and a drive away awning that was supplied to the previous owner from just kampers, and has been used once so is in mint condition.

    low mileage van, has done around 80,000miles.

    Bad points:
    engine has developed a problem, might just be suffering from being stood for nearly a year without being used. so could do with a tune up and a service. struggles to start and sounds like it has a misfire. i was goin to rebuild it to 1641cc but my current situation has changed and now sadly need to sell the van.

    small rust bubble on the lower front panel

    scratched windscreen in top right hand corner, should buff out with a glass repair kit.

    passengers seat bolster foam has broken, around £15 from recaro for new ones though.

    headliner has a rip in it, see pic.

    No roof in back at the moment, although this may be done before van sells if i get chance, will be a whitewashed ply roof.
    No tax or Mot.

    ive owned the van for around 14months, and have loved every minute of owning it, always brought a smile to my face and turned heads everywhere it went, even just sat outside the house it gets attention.

    im looking for £6500 ono

    px defender 90

    if you want any specific pics or any more info please PM me or contact me on 07581252060
    cheers, Matt

  2. Need to put a price up mate
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