FOR SALE 1979 Bay Kombi in the midlands 5K ono

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  1. hi all

    ill start by saying that i really didnt want to have to do this but with the way work is at the moment i think most of us will know that you have to take what we can get.
    basically im moving closer to London and im moving to an apartment with no garage, so my bay has to go :(

    right she is a 1979 bay kombi, originally came out the factory dove blue and got rollered by her previous owner in black, they had saved up enough money for all the welding to sorted like outriggers and floor and enough for a professional paint job, the welding apprentlry went way over budget so the re paint money took a bashing so he decided to roller it him self in the end. i have been driving up until January this year. with loads of trips to wales and devon last year.

    like i said the paint was not great so in January this year i started to strip the paint off ready for a fresh re paint this year, ive got as far as filling in the cracks and putting on the first thin coat of primer.
    there is no rust on the body as far as i can see, the plan was to go Savannah magnolia.

    up front i managed to source some 74 brown seats which look alot nicer then the naff seats that came with the bus, the dash is all original speedo fuel gauge all work, it has working cd player with front and rear speakers,
    it has an empi gear shifter which feels a lot nicer when driving, in the back theres a 3/4 rock and roll bed, passenger sliding door and cabinets on the opposite side with working sink and non electric fridge which can keep ice up to 3 days, i was impressed :)
    it has over head storage at the rear for board games and what not,
    the previous owner in keeping with the black theme covered all the cabinets in black vinyl, it didn't look very nice so ive started to peel it all off, not quite finished yet,

    its a 1600 single port and pulls really well it had a bottom end re build about 18months ago and pulls well in the hills (around snowden)

    if you wanted you could drive away and use straight away this summer it has MOT up til the end of may, unfortunately it has no tax as it run out last month. the chassis is galvanized steel so no as far as im aware there is no welding needed,

    but i guess you would call this an unfinished to project if you wanted to get it up to scratch it would need
    • finish the primer and paint
    • tidying up in side
    • when cold 2nd gear is hard to find
    • having a look at the heaters (very faint warm air like all aircooled)

    if the asking price is met i have a few bits a pieces to throw in,

    2 birth awning
    roof rack (very helpfull)
    another set of orrignal wheel
    spare windows and rubbers
    box of bits
    suckers mats for the windows

    im asking £5000 ono obviously ill include all of the above if i get the asking price.
    viewing is welcome im located in redditch west midlands.

    im starting my first visit's closer to the capital as of this week so i will be here on the weekends only, if you a really desperate to view i can arrange for a friend to be here if you would like.

    if you would like some more info or detailed pictures then you contact me through here or send me an email to

    thanks for looking


  2. Deposit taken.

    Provisionally sold :)
  3. hi mate ,lovin the bus. great stance. What size tyres u running on this please?
  4. Afternoon. Thanks

    I'm running 155/55/14 up front and 175/65/14

    There brand new and have 0 miles on them.
    The new buyer wants to swap back to the original wheels and tyres so if you interested after Saturday we could agree a deal if you fancy.
    As I won't have any use for them

  5. Ye I might be interested mate , if the price was right of course. ;)
  6. Sold, along with the tyres and other wheels


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