FOR SALE 1979 1800cc Poptop Riviera.......deposit taken

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    1979 Riviera conversion poptop camper.
    Bought and imported from the USA myself this camper is a little gem!
    Still in 98% (ish) original Agate Brown paint. It has lots of charm and character - little dings and marks in places, faded paint etc but most importantly it is rock solid! I've had a rear corner replaced (with an original panel) but other than that the chassis, sills, gutters...all the usual areas are perfect. There is a small amount of rust beneath the step rubbers, a tiny amount in a couple of places on the sliding door which I treated....other than that it's great! No rust on the doors, tailgate or engine lid....

    Still have the original interior, perfect headliner and factory fitted air conditioning! (I've not messed about with this though but it all looks complete.). 3/4 rock n roll bed, sink, cooler. Cab seats are in great condition & the dash is perfect.

    Starts first turn of the key and is easy to drive. 1800cc Type 4 recent engine with brand new twin carbs, new fuel lines.....etc...
    Decent tyres, new steering rods, brakes, new CV joints....LOTS already done.

    There will be small jobs to do as with any van and obviously putting your own mark on it as well!

    Brand New MOT, Fully UK registered, all the duties obviously paid... really cracking bus for the money £10,995

    Viewing in Christchurch, Dorset (07805) 827760

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    Nice stripes. Have you any interior photos?
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  3. Love it :thumbsup:

    GLWTS ...

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  4. 21Window

    21Window Sponsor some interior photos.....will get some up :)

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