1978 VW T2 Camper - Gleaming reconditioned engine

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  1. 1978 Volkswagen Transporter T2 Baywindow Kombi van.

    Finished in metallic purple and graphite. We had it resprayed a couple of years ago and it has been stored indoors ever since.

    The engine has been fully restored by a VW expert mechanic. The engine is gleaming and runs extremely well.

    The interior has a brand new roof liner in black and brand new felt lining in grey throughout. Leaving a blank canvas for furniture of the buyer's choice.

    Front seats are Ricaro sports seats in black in great condition.

    There is a roof rack for this van which comes with it but isn't shown in the pics.

    It is left hand drive, having originated as a Police van in The Netherlands.

    Asking price: £14,000

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    A very apt number plate for an ex police van.....

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